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The loss of a spouse, child, sibling, or parent is a big enough heartbreak, especially when it’s due to someone else’s negligence. Our compassionate attorneys at The Handley Law Center won’t tolerate it, and we’re here to help you seek justice and get closure for the wrongful death of your loved one. You don’t have to suffer in silence – our attorneys are ready to hear your story. Don't let devastation stop you from fighting for what's right.
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When a nursing home as a whole or an individual worker at a nursing home betrays the trust and confidence of children who seek to provide their parents with a safe and nurturing environment, the wronged parties deserve swift and severe justice from those at fault.


If you have been injured on someone's property because of an unsafe environment, you may have a valid claim. Premise liability law is one of our specialities here at The Handley Law Center.


This is an unplanned incident or event that leads to the injury of an employee and/or damage to a company’s property. Workplace accidents can also be broken down into a few different categories: Overexertion, Falls, Slips and Trips, Falling Objects & Repetitive Motion.


Fletcher Handley has represented clients in numerous cases resulting in awards in excess of $1 million. In 1999, he was asked to advocate for consumers’ rights before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee regarding the proposed National No-fault Auto Insurance bill.


When you need legal advocacy combined with personal service, contact The Handley Law Center for a free consultation with one of our Oklahoma personal injury and divorce attorneys. Call us during normal business hours to schedule an appointment.


When a consumer is injured by a malfunctioning product, multiple parties can be held liable for the injuries. Whether the manufacturer knew that the product posed a risk to the consumer or not, they can still be liable for the cause of the injury's because it is their responsibility to ensure everything they manufacture is safe for the public.

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