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FAQ: Criminal Defense

A criminal investigation, charge, or arrest can change your life dramatically. A criminal record in Oklahoma can haunt you going forward in life, preventing you from obtaining the job of your dreams, or even qualifying for professional licensing or public benefits. Your record may even stand in the way of obtaining a loan, renting a residence, preserving your gun rights, and more.

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What You Need to Know About Drug Crimes in Oklahoma

Getting caught with drugs is a serious matter in Oklahoma, but what is even more serious is if you or your loved one are not properly represented by experienced counsel.

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Alcohol Keys Handcuffs

Your Options After a DUI

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What to Expect When Working With a Criminal Defense Attorney

When faced with criminal charges there is no room for error in the courtroom; you need a criminal defense attorney in Canadian County, Oklahoma who has the experience and understands the law. We believe in giving everyone the opportunity for a fair fight, that is why we are dedicated to serving our clients and striving for the best possible outcome.

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The Reasons for Expungement Application Denial

If you've been thinking about having your record wiped, you're probably aware of the requirements in OKC.

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LSD: How The Regulations in Oklahoma Work?

There are many hallucinogens, but LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is among the most popular and widely used. LSD, also known as acid, can be purchased in liquid, tablet, and capsule form on the street. Unlikely to have an odor or color, it has a bitter aftertaste and is colorless. To be classified as a Schedule I drug, LSD must meet the following criteria:

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What Steps You Should Take if You're Arrested for Drug Possession?

If you are arrested due to drug possession, then it can be a serious matter. If you are found guilty, then you may have to give hefty fines along with jail time. According to research, in 2016, the FBI arrested nearly 1,572,579 people for drug law violations in the United States. If the police arrest you for possession of LSD, cocaine, heroin or methamphetamine, then you may end up in jail for a longer period of time. Keep in mind that after getting arrested, you have to do specific things to save yourself. In addition, you also should consult with a DUI lawyer so that the expert can guide you throughout the legal process.

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How Does DUI Offense Affect Hunting Ability?

If you ever have a DUI charge or convicted of the same, you may be wondering how it will influence your hunting abilities, if at all.

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Why Should You Hire an Experienced Drug Lawyer in OKC?

Oklahoma follows one of the toughest drug laws in the states. If you are caught getting involved in the illegal use of marijuana or other drugs, that can be life-changing for you. If you keep medical marijuana without a valid prescription, then you have to be imprisoned in jail for a longer period of time.

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Learn More About Expungement

Burying your past will not only give you mental peace, it will restore your reputation. Since criminal offences can impact your future prospects, you should go for expungement in OKC if you have the ability.

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