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Yes, It’s Worth It to Fight a DUI

The Handley Law Center Sept. 14, 2023

In 2021, according to statistics from the Crime in Oklahoma Report, there were 10,412 total DUI-related arrests statewide. In Oklahoma, a person may be arrested and charged with a DUI for operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, a DUI record can jeopardize your personal reputation, freedom, driving privileges, and job opportunities. With your career, future, and every aspect of your life on the line, it is imperative that you fight your DUI charges aggressively. 

At The Handley Law Center, we are here to fight for your rights during these challenging times. Our team of Oklahoma criminal defense attorneys can investigate the facts of your case, tell you about the consequences of a DUI conviction, and outline a solid strategy to help fight your charges. We're proud to serve clients across Canadian County, Custer, Blaine, Kingfisher, and Caddo counties, Oklahoma. 

DUI Charges in Oklahoma

Under Oklahoma DUI laws, a driver is prohibited from operating a motor vehicle: 

  • With a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of at least 0.08%. 

  • While under the influence of drugs or alcohol to an extent, which makes them incapable of safely driving a car. 

  • With any amount of a Schedule I controlled substance in their system. 

Unfortunately, the punishments for a DUI conviction in Oklahoma can be far-reaching and may have both immediate and life-long consequences on every aspect of your life. 

Possible Penalties for a DUI in Texas

In the state of Oklahoma, drunk driving convictions usually attract devastating punishments. Depending on the offender's criminal record, number of prior DUIs, BAC level, and other mitigating or aggravating circumstances, a DUI conviction may subject the defendant to any of these penalties: 

  • Massive fines and court fees. 

  • Lengthy imprisonment (ranging from several months or years). 

  • Probation. 

  • Community service. 

  • Mandatory attendance at alcohol treatment, drug abuse, or driver's intervention program. 

  • An ignition interlock device. 

  • A criminal record. 

  • Increased difficulty in getting accommodation or a new job. 

  • Ineligibility to obtain certain financial loans. 

  • Increased auto insurance premiums. 

  • Increased difficulty in getting government assistance or public benefits. 

  • Loss of your rights to possess or carry firearms. 

  • Loss of scholarships or university acceptance. 

  • Damages to personal, professional, and familial relationships. 

  • Increased difficulty in getting educational opportunities. 

Due to the far-reaching nature of these drunk driving penalties and ramifications, it is crucial that you contest your DUI allegations. A DUI attorney can examine all of the surrounding details of your case, craft an effective defense strategy to fight charges and help you avoid the devastating implications of a criminal conviction. 

Possible Defense Strategy

What's more, when charged with a DUI in Oklahoma, your lawyer may be able to refute the false accusations against you using any of the following legal defenses: 

  • Unlawful stops or procedures. 

  • The blood test wasn't properly handled during the chain of custody. 

  • There is no proof that you were in actual physical control of the vehicle. 

  • Violating the rules and procedure of evidence. 

  • Falsely high BAC results due to a health issue or taking certain medications. 

  • Your driving wasn't impaired, or you weren't intoxicated. 

  • The DUI test result was false positive. 

  • The field sobriety test wasn't rightly done. 

  • The blood or breath test results were inaccurate. 

  • The law enforcement officer didn't have any probable cause to stop your car. 

  • Miranda rights violations or improper interrogation. 

  • The arresting officer violated your constitutional rights. 

  • The Breathalyzer or breath test device was wrongly calibrated. 

A dedicated attorney can determine the ideal defense strategy to help fight your charges and improve your chances of a better tomorrow. 

YES, It's Worth It to Challenge a DUI Charge

Unfortunately, the penalties and long-term consequences of a DUI charge or conviction in Oklahoma are immense and devastating. Regardless, it is in your best interest to always refute the drunk driving allegations. 

Essentially, various issues—including erroneous Breathalyzer calibration or improper testing—might have caused a positive DUI test. Likewise, you may have a reasonable explanation about why the DUI tests showed that you were driving impaired or intoxicated. Hence, hiring a seasoned criminal defense attorney is imperative to fight your DUI charges and help establish your innocence.   

Fight Your DUI With an Attorney's Support

Having reliable representation when defending your DUI accusations is imperative to avoid the far-reaching penalties and consequences of a criminal conviction. At The Handley Law Center, we have the skills and resources to defend and represent clients in their DUI cases. Using our broad knowledge, we can help you navigate the Oklahoma criminal justice system and represent you diligently at every phase of the legal process. 

Contact us at The Handley Law Center today to schedule a simple case evaluation with knowledgeable criminal defense lawyers. Our reliable legal team can fight vigorously for your legal rights and help keep your driving record as clean as possible. We proudly serve clients across Canadian County, Custer, Blaine, Kingfisher, and Caddo counties, Oklahoma.