Wrongfully Accused of Drug Dealing? Prove Yourself Innocent

accused of drug dealing

Now, this is a common movie scene. Police come to a vehicle and find out drugs from there where the main protagonist shouts saying ‘this is not mine’. However, we enjoy this on-screen but it is not that entertaining in real life. Reel life shows it for entertaining, when it happens in someone’s life it is devastating. In Oklahoma City, there are so many cases files where people claim they are not guilty but a victim of the situation. It could happen, drug dealers can use your car for smuggling out of your concern and police arrests you. Be conscious while parking your car and never leave it without locking.

Coming to the point, police is never going to trust you if your car has drugs. They are doing their job. When you are victimized or accused of having illegal drugs, you should not make any statement to the police without consulting with your attorney. You should contact a criminal defense attorney in OKC or in other cities where the incident took place, or you reside in. Remember, it is your right to remain silent unless your criminal defense attorney is present in the scene. When your constitution gives you the right to remain silent and only to speak in front of questioning authority in presence of your attorney, why should not use it?

criminal defense attorney okc

Your attorney will answer every question on your behalf, will review every piece of evidence and plan a strategy to take you out of the situation. This is quite common for the police to incorrectly blame an innocent, thus the responsible person remains safe and continues illegal activities. Being a citizen of the U.S., no one can violate your rights and you have the authority to plead against it for justice. If your rights as a citizen are violated in Oklahoma City, there you will find your criminal defense attorney to stand for you and to fight for you. You can contact handley law center for your criminal defense attorney in OKC.

This is a well-known attorney firm in Oklahoma City providing personal defense or criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma City. Here is this firm you will get talented and sought-after professionals to work for you. You could be fighting for illegal possession of drugs with intent and fighting for it when you are completely innocent. Having a legal team who is knowledgeable to deal with such cases but not aggressive. If you or your loved one is in such a situation without giving a second thought, contact us.