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Why Should You Hire an Experienced Drug Lawyer in OKC?

Handley LLC Nov. 17, 2021

Oklahoma follows one of the toughest drug laws in the states. If you are caught getting involved in the illegal use of marijuana or other drugs, that can be life-changing for you. If you keep medical marijuana without a valid prescription, then you have to be imprisoned in jail for a longer period of time. You may think that drug possession is a small matter. But it can lead you to prison for decades and you also have to carry a criminal record for a lifetime. If you are ever caught for drug possession, then you have to contact a drug lawyer as soon as possible.

Medical Marijuana Law in Oklahoma

Though mainstream society has accepted the possession and use of medical marijuana for personal purposes. But in Oklahoma, they follow strict rules against possession of illegal marijuana. If you keep 1.5 ounces of marijuana and get caught without any prescription, then you may not have to stay in prison but you have to give a fine of $400.00.

Keep in mind that prosecutors always try to charge a case against you as a felony. If you even keep marijuana less than 1.5 ounces, they can still charge you if you find out that you distribute the medical marijuana to others. That’s why you should contact a drug lawyer to avoid such a situation. If Illegal possession of Schedule I or II drugs is your first offense, you have to stay in prison for two to five years and give a $5,000 fine. But if you do it again, then you have to stay in jail for four to 20 years and give up to $10,000.

Possession of Drug Proceeds

If you possess the paraphernalia to manufacture or cultivate, then it is also illegal. According to the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act, the “drug paraphernalia” are growing kits, roach clips, syringes, pipes, bongs, syringes and spoons. Doing this kind of work is a misdemeanour, if you are found guilty. Then you have to be sentenced to jail for a year and given $1,000. For a second offense, you have to stay in jail for one year and give a maximum fine of $5,000. If you do it for a third time, then you have to give a maximum fine of $10,000 along with staying in jail.

Drug-Related Charges

  • OBN Stops and Seizures

  • Wiretap Cases

  • Importing & Smuggling

  • Search Warrant Cases

  • Turnpike Stops and Searches

  • Search & Seizure Cases

  • COMIT Stops and Searches

  • Racketeering (RICO)

  • Money Laundering


Keep in mind that you cannot get released from a drug possession case so easily and the penalty can be changed according to the case. If you or your loved one is charged because of possession of drug paraphernalia, drug possession and possession with intent to distribute, then you should get advice from an experienced drug lawyer. In that case, you can contact The Handley Law Center in OKC to determine the best defense strategy for the unique situation.

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