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Why Grandparents Seek Custody of A Child?

Handley LLC Sept. 10, 2019

There are many reasons why grandparents may wish to seek the legal custody or the termination of parental rights of their grandchildren, such as the death of parents. Whatever the reason, the grandparents can in certain circumstances obtain these rights, and in some cases they can even be permanent. You should seek the legal advice of a family lawyer that is capable of handling such cases if you are planning to apply for guardianship of your grandchildren. You can also help from family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK. Take a time to learn about this method in the meantime.


Grandparents' duration can be accorded permanent custody if their parents are dead or if the rights of their parents have been terminated. Generally, when kids get a majority age, the connection between them ends, although it can be extended if the grandkids have certain medical, emotional and economic requirements.

Decision Making

Typically, lawyers are entitled to take choices concerning the medical requirements, education and finances of their grandchildren. Legally guarded grandparents over their grandchildren may also file legal proceedings on their behalf and request social security. However, when the parents still live, grandparents cannot unwillingly alter the names of the grandkids.


Several legal guardianship duties also exist. For instance, grandparents who have received custody are responsible for handling the finances of their grandchildren. Grandparents may also have to pay out-of-pocket for their grandchildren, but that is usually true only in the event of a continuous custody. In some families, the child's parents may be needed to give legal guardianship to grandparents.

The Parental Rights

Guardianship shall not withdraw the parents' rights to visit their kids, except where such privileges have already been terminated. But the court or grandparents may limit the extent of their visits and other types of communication with their kids. The tribunal may also terminate the custody at any moment. If the custody arrangement has been willingly made, parents can always decide to terminate the contract.

Oklahoma Grandparents' Rights Attorney

It is crucial to secure qualified legal help from a lawyer with expertise in dealing with these issues if you are looking for guardianship for your grandchildren. At The West Law Firm, our lawyers have years of experience and are committed to the best possible results on behalf of you.

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