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Why Do You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney After an Accident

Handley LLC Nov. 25, 2019

In Oklahoma, it may be very difficult to escape, particularly if anybody was injured and there was minimal property damage. Most drivers just don't want to deal with police traffic problems if the accident appears just to be a fender. Other legal interconnections with the collision, such as a drunk or on suspended permit, may be avoided by certain motorists. Unfortunately, driving away from an accident is a serious offense, regardless of the underlying conditions. You might face fines and jail for a hit and run that may in some cases be charged as a crime. You may need a criminal defense attorney in OKC to deal with the matter.

You might assume that your defense options are limited when you are involved in a collision and fled the scene. Strategies to counter charges can however be produced. Our Handley Law Center will inform you of possible approaches so please call for a free case review with an Oklahoma traffic violence attorney. There can also be helpful tips about what to do if you leave the scene of an accident.

You should know the legal requirements of a motor vehicle crash at the beginning. If an incident has occurred or caused a death to any person or damage to property to a car, there are acts that can be imposed as an obligation to provide details.

  • Display your vehicle registration number,

  • Show your drivers' license, and

  • Show your financial obligations documents. The law requires that you must notify those involved in the crash of such information and a police officer in response to the incident. They also have an obligation to help people who have suffered wounds, such as finding the victim's medical care.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Failure to respect the law can result in criminal charges but depends on circumstances of the accident. The exact nature of the case. You might be charged for an offense to a third degree if you have fled in a crash involving only property damage. A court may order a one-year sentence, a total fine of USD 2.500, or both for a conviction. Furthermore, for more serious accidents, charges and penalties are increased.

  • If someone has been injured, he is not able to stay at the scene, provide details and assist him / her. The fines include a prison sentence of up to 5 years and a $10,000 fine.

  • If the victim is seriously injured, you can face charges of leaving the scene from Third Degree Felony. Mandatory minimum requirements apply, and 90 days imprisonment and a fine of no less than $1 thousand must be imposed by the court.

  • If the accident involves a death, a second-degree crime is an infringement of the law. You could be fined at least $2,500.

Get Legal Assistance Instantly

If you have already left the accident scene, you may presume that the damage is done, but this is not always the case. The harsh effects can be avoided but working with an experienced lawyer is important. Your attorney will decide if your case is excluded from legal duties following an accident. For example, the scene can be left to a police station for reporting if:

  • No other engine drivers involved in the crash would consider the data you are prepared to supply;

  • The incidents resulted in property damage to an unattended car, so that the legal obligation could not be met.

Do not delay and look for a criminal defense attorney in OKC from Handley Law Center.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.