When to Hire an Attorney for a Slip and Fall Injury Case

slip and fall injury case

“Injuries are our best teachers.” —Scott Jurek

Injuries are inevitable, but they surely help us learn and deal with realities. Minor injuries can be handled easily, but cases of severe injuries call for proper legal guidance and backup. For instance, road accidents and cases in which workers in a factory are involved require the help of personal injury lawyers to ensure smooth legal procedures.

In addition, when a victim is injured because of a slip and fall, a personal injury attorney can be greatly helpful. Often, in such a case the insurer will not acknowledge liability to an unrepresented person. An attorney can help settle the case appropriately by facilitating communication between the defendant and the insurance company. It is always good to hire a personal injury attorney in OKC to deal with slip and fall cases, as proving liability and damages are the kingpins in such legal cases.

Proving liability is the first step to follow before you go for a trial to get the case settled. This means you need to prove that the mishap took place as a result of the defendant’s negligence. In car accident cases it is quite easy to do this, but in a slip and fall case, proving liability without the help of a proficient attorney is tricky.

To prove liability, your lawyer needs to be informed in detail how the injury occurred. Generally, people feel it hard to remember what exactly caused them to slip and fall, but proper information is needed to take things to the next level. To confirm details, the attorney must ask you certain questions, like how you fell down the stairs or which foot missed the step. Based on the information you provide, the personal injury attorney will try to figure out how to hold the defendant legally responsible in the case. A prudent attorney will discuss all possibilities of holding the defendant responsible for the damage and will proceed according to the law.

personal injury attorney in OKC

Proving damages is the next step, and it plays the most important role in a slip and fall case. Since justice is imparted in the light of evidence, it is quite important that you have adequate records to prove that you have suffered income loss due to the injury. Documents like your pay records, tax forms and tax returns can be helpful in proving your income.

It is also essential to obtain and organize all your medical records and hospital expense receipts. Many personal injury attorneys have their own reliable staff who can obtain medical records from health care providers. In certain instances, if the medical records prove insufficient to claim damages, then your personal attorney can request that your doctor produce the needed documents. However, these services can require paying extra charges. In short, your personal injury attorney in OKC will evaluate your pain and extent of suffering before filing for a suitable compensation claim.

It is quite evident that, as compared to the other legal cases, dealing with a slip and fall case is a difficult thing to do. Because of this, lawyers are typically paid a contingency fee by clients with personal injury cases. This means you will have to pay your attorney a fee only if you win the claim and are awarded compensation. As a rule of thumb, lawyers usually charge anywhere between 25 and 40 percent of the settlement money. Thus hiring a personal injury attorney in OKC is both fruitful and affordable.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.