When the Other Driver Asks You for Negotiation after an Accident


The accident rate per year is quite high in Oklahoma. This is the reason why car insurance is very much relevant over there. It is obvious that after involving in an accident, in a stressed situation, you may first think how to get the medical aid or how to move the car from there. The situation can be awkward if the other driver with whom you collide come and ask you for the direct settlement, not via insurance. You can be bewildered to decide what would be best for you.

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Why the Drivers Prefer Skipping Insurance

Generally, there is a reason behind the driver for not filing an insurance claim. It is possible that the driver has some past accident records or something more alarming like the person is not at all insured or does not have enough insurance to get the claim.

It is always preferable to get the information about the driver’s insurance. As per the state law, you need to have all the information of the driver and file a crash report through the Department of Transportation. The driver is not your friend or acquaintance so there is no reason for you to rely on him. It is most likely that the person intends to avoid paying the actual claimed money or to deny an accident.

Know Your Rights

How to Protect My Rights

You should ensure that your rights are well protected following an accident. Gather as much information as possible about the driver. It is better to take photographs of the car, license plate, driver’s license, registration and insurance number. Contact the police immediately and notify them about the accident even if it is not severe. If you need medical aid, just stay in the car and call emergency care. If the driver leaves the spot, it would be considered as a criminal offense.

The driver cannot stop you from filing insurance. You should report the driver’s insurance as well. If the other driver is trying to avoid the insurance and negotiate with you with the money, you should never entertain it.

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