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When a Rental Car Hits You – What to Do?

Handley LLC Aug. 8, 2019

Travelers use rental cars frequently. In many cases, accidents do occur while they are a safe and secure way to go about it. You may ask yourself: who is responsible for following an incident involving an individual driving a rental car. The response always varies, but calling a personal injury attorney in OKC is needed.

However, it is unlikely that the business will take direct responsibility for a rental car.

Everyone Is Fine

Make sure everyone in the car is all right before you do anything else. Check the scene and all other vehicles involved. Clear the region if there is a risk of explosion. If needed, set emergency flares or call the police to aid in redirecting traffic.

Exchanging Information

Once the scene has been determined to be secure, contact and insurance data should be shared with other concerned parties and the damages caused should be photographed. Don't attempt to mention that you drive a rental car because some individuals may attempt to use this scenario. Leave the scene as quickly as it is secure.

Contacting Rental Company

So far, if you were driving your car, these are the same steps you would take. However, you must handle a little more documentation with a lease. Call your car rental company and let them know about the accident as quickly as possible.

Contacting Insurance Company

Inform your own accident insurance company whether or not you will be responsible for filing an accident report with the municipal police. Ask your insurance company if you don't already understand if your policy contains an accident and full coverage as well as the legal liability coverage. The vehicle you rent is protected by collision and extensive coverage.

You Should Prove Negligence of Rental Car Company

Although in an incident involving a rental vehicle, the fault of the vehicle accident generally falls on the driver, some instances involve a business charging a vehicle. If a car-local business is negligent, it is responsible for an accident involving one of its vehicles.

The first way to neglect car rentals is if car rental businesses lease faulty vehicles to individuals. If you learn about the deficiency in a vehicle and do nothing to remedy it, then individuals may be prosecuted for damages and continue to lease the vehicle. A causal link between the fault of the car and the occurrence must be created in order to demonstrate its negligence.

If the driver's permit of the chartering vehicle liable for the accident is not verified, a car rental company may also be found guilty of negligence. If they do not check the driver's license, if the driver does not have a suspended license (owing to or otherwise a DUI), if the driver is not in possession of a drivers' license, and is then liable for an accident, then the vehicle hire firm may be liable for enabling an unskilled driver to drive.

If you are rejected with the claim of your insurance, you can call Handley Law Center for a personal injury attorney in OKC.

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