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What You Didn’t Know About DUI Cases

Handley LLC Sept. 17, 2019

Driving while under influence (DUI) can result in a tarnished reputation, costly fines, requirement to complete alcohol education courses, suspended license, increased car insurance premium, and possibly jail time as well. In some cases, the crime may have been committed by a driver or not. The officer conducting the field test may not have correctly calibrated the breathalyzer or misjudged the situation. Those arrested on charges against DUI may have plenty of questions for their criminal defense attorney in OKC.

Criminal Record and Conviction

It doesn't automatically make you guilty to be arrested for a DUI. The state has accused you of having an unsafe amount of alcohol behind the wheel in your system and must provide enough evidence to prove that you have committed the crime. You may have a felony or misdemeanor charge on your record if you are convicted. Most cases of DUI are classified as misdemeanors, with some risk of serving time in prison. Cases of DUI felony are very serious and can be classified as such if serious personal injury and property damage has been caused.

DUI Offense

Chances are, if it's your first DUI charge and you didn't cause any significant damage or harm on the road to anyone else, you probably won't go to jail. Depending on your state laws, you may have to serve up to six months in prison for a first DUI conviction. You may need to spend longer time behind bars if your conviction is an injury-related misdemeanor in which the term is up to 12 months.

Protection of Rights

A DUI conviction's consequences are serious. Even if this is your first offense, you might be forced to surrender your driver's license or professional license, pay expensive fines, or even spend time in prison. Furthermore, a conviction will go to your permanent record and may have an impact on your future ability to get certain jobs or housing.

Your choice of criminal defense attorney in OKC can make a dramatic difference when you are charged with a DUI. We will investigate the facts of your case thoroughly at Handley Law Firm, challenge the evidence of the prosecution, explore alternatives to traditional penalties, and fight to protect your rights and your future.

Protection of License

It only takes a DUI charge in Oklahoma— not a conviction— for the state to suspend your driver's license immediately. You must schedule a court hearing with the Department of Public Safety within 15 days of your arrest if you wish to challenge the suspension of your license.

A suspension hearing for a driver's license is a separate administrative matter from a criminal DUI charge. It is crucial that you have on your side an experienced lawyer. Handley Law Firm's lawyers can represent you in both your case for criminal DUI and the case for suspension of the associated administrative driver's license. We have significant experience in this area and a record of achievement. Contact us for criminal defense attorney in OKC today.

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