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What to Do when Your Husband Gets Injured at Work?

Handley LLC July 7, 2021

3,045 construction workers in New York City were injured at work from January 2015 to December 2019. Many had spouses and children of these workers. There is support available if you have just been called that your husband has been injured at his building job. Take deep breaths, read this post to make sure you know what to do, and call us.


Sadly, the less willingness of men to seek medical help is often the stereotype. Men may want to "go away" from work because they are concerned that their work will be endangered.

Too often, injuries are exacerbated. Even the smallest injury appears to be the best choice for prompt medical treatment. Get him to a doctor as soon as possible if your husband has been injured at work. In hours after an incident symptoms may frequently escalate, so the time is essential. Even if he doesn't want to go to the emergency room, he must still be brought to a medical certified professional.

Take any photos of the injuries you can once he is treated. Then, all doctor's instructions should be strictly observed when a diagnosis has been made. You will need these documents in future insurance claims. Call a personal injury attorney for further help and guidance.

Submit a Report to The Building Company or Subcontractor

The trails of paper are essential! The more documentation you have, the stronger your case will be, as we mentioned earlier.

When you file quickly, your options remain open while you are in the legal process. A first injury report should have been submitted by the employer. Take time to go with your wife line by line through this report. You want to ensure that the report is fully accurate and no details remain unanswered. Even if your spouse is not happy that his employer was responsible for the accident, it is important to file a report anyway. That will help you only in the long term.

Hire a Lawyer with Confidence

Cases of compensation for workers are tricky, particularly in the construction sector. You're not on the insurance companies' side. They only concern themselves with their own interests, and will do much to provide you with the least possible compensation.

In these cases, experienced, trusted lawyers make every difference. It will step by step lead you through what strong or weak proofs are, what legal processes exist, and which other protocols are required to guard you against further harm. A personal injury attorney will do it for you.

Building Your Case Excluding Workers Comp

Many employers will sign employment agreements prohibiting employers from suing if they suffer injury. This usually makes it a logical first step to submit a Workers Comp claim.

There is, however, still a way to file a lawsuit in some circumstances. It will be against a third party, not your employer. Often, this is the owner of the property. Note that in any event, you can still file a regular Workers Comp claim, which will be supplemented by any prosecution you may file.

Get Ready to Wait for A Long Time

You can't afford to wait for the employer of your husband. And the insurance companies cannot be relied upon to look after you. You must act quickly now because the legal process itself is slow enough. It takes time to deal with insurance and court proceedings.

Let our family look after your family, Handley Law Center in Oklahoma is the personal injury law firm that has retrieved hundreds of million dollars in customer combined compensation. You deserve the most advanced legal support to help your spouse heal. We can understand how difficult it is in your life, so no upfront fees are charged. Only when we win are we paid.

**Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.