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What Should You Know About the Adoption Reversal Process?

Handley LLC July 25, 2021

In a few cases, a finalized adoption can be reversed. After finalized adoption, one party can submit a petition to the court to reverse the adoption process. Generally, the child’s birth parents or the adoptive parents can start the process. Keep in mind that though a reversal is possible, the court continues this process very strictly. If the adoption is reversed due to a specific reason, you have to change the information in the child’s birth certificate.

If you want to apply for adoption reversal, then you should contact a family attorney. The expert can help you to go through the process smoothly.

Who Is Able to Reverse an Adoption?

Remember that three parties can reverse a finalized adoption including,

  • The child’s birth parents

  • The child’s adoptive parents

  • The child

The birth parents of the child may want to apply to regain the parental right and reverse an adoption. But the adoptive parents have to provide consent for the reversal. In few states of the United States, if the adoptive parents give consent, there is no surety that the birth parents can restore their parental rights.

There are a few rare cases, where the adoptive parents want to reverse the adoption. But to do that, they have to prove that it is the best solution for the child. It can only happen if the adoptive parents and the child cannot make a positive relationship.

There is also a chance where the child can apply to reverse the adoption process. If the child cannot make a bond with her adoptive parents, then she can apply for the reversal.

When a party gives consent for the adoption reversal, the petition has to be cleared to be finalized. Under few circumstances, the given consent for adoption can be revoked.

For the Sake of The Child

If the court sees that the child will get benefit if the adoption is not revoked.

Case of Fraud

If the court sees that the consent for adoption was given fraudulently, the consent is considered null and void automatically.

Timeframe of Refusal

The birth parents can get a small time frame to change their decision and do not give consent for their child’s adoption.

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If you have any queries regarding the adoption reversal process, contact The Handley Law Center in Oklahoma City, OK. The family attorney will help according to your need.

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