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What if An Older Truck Driver Caused You an Accident?

Handley LLC March 25, 2019

Truck drivers are increasingly becoming scarce, creating a deficit that put this trucking industry under considerable strain. The drivers are immensely needed for continuous goods transportation around the country for the U.S. infrastructure. Many truck companies fail to vet drivers thoroughly. Even a few companies sometimes hire young drivers who are not as trained or lack proper certification.

Older Drivers May Meet Semi-Truck Accidents

While hiring drivers, there is no set maximum age limit. Florida has a lower 18-year age to obtain CDL certification, but many other U.S. states require at least 21 years of age. You can drive a tractor if you can carry out the needed physical test.

Several drivers employed by truck companies usually do not work long post a physical exam. In the event of an accident, employed truck drivers who do not fulfill health requirements may be held responsible. In your semi-truck injury, you can be compensated for the damage of a semi-truck accident that you have been claiming. If you can demonstrate that an older driver and their employer’s negligence caused your accident because they did not check his fitness, they may be held negligent and owe you  compensation. Therefore, you should contact our personal injury attorney in OKC.

Poor Health Can Cause Accidents

Elderly adults may have health problems which can result in a loss of control while driving. For example, a driver's ability to grip the wheel to steer the truck or switch correctly from the gas pedal to the brake can be affected by certain health conditions. Other problems or health risks like heart attacks, strokes or seizures, can lead to sudden adverse events like a driver losing control and collision.

Some conditions may increase or develop with age, impairing a driver’s ability to safely operate a vehicle: arthritis; muscle weakness; vision or hearing problems; heart conditions; high blood pressure; diabetes; and cognitive issues.

A thorough medical assessment is undertaken to obtain and maintain a commercial driver's license. An approved physician determines that a driver is healthy enough for truck driving. Furthermore, drivers should report to their employer on potentially harmful health conditions. When an older driver does not, or when a driver remains employed who is not healthy, he or she is liable for all damage.

Hire a Professional

Those who wish to claim compensation for a semi-truck accident in Oklahoma will have a lot to do. To prove the defendant's negligence in an accident, research and legal processes are needed. Claimants should not try to file a claim alone and should hire a personal injury attorney in OKC with good experience of handling accident claims for trucks. Handley Law Center has a long history claims settlements for customers who have suffered serious injuries. Handley Law Center offers a free consultation and we are delighted to talk to you about it in detail.

Seek Help from Your Attorney

In a truck accident where a truck driver has injured you or a loved one, please don't hesitate to contact Handley law Center for a free consultation on the possible claim. Our personal injury attorneys in OKC are more than happy to meet you and talk about your claim details. We can provide an insight into your claim and describe some options for taking legal action against those at fault.

 If I borrow money from you, I owe you money. If Michael is liable for causing an accident with me, he owes me compensation.

 “in detail” is the common phrase. Otherwise, “talk about the details”, “discuss relevant details”, and so on.

 “Perpetrator” is normally used in criminal cases, whereas negligence is a civil case.

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