Ways to Prevent False Confession Under Police Interrogation

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Even if you are not guilty for the crime, the police interrogation is a must when you are directly or indirectly involved with the person, the event or anything. Often for the immense pressure of the police interrogation make people confess false despite having no mental disorder, it can cause severe effects on the mentally sick people. The situation may worsen the condition of a mental patient or someone already who is suffering from mental disorder, but you can protect them from the interrogations with proper legal help. The criminal defense attorney in OKC can help you to save the mental patients from this rough interrogation.

Types of False Confessions

Depending on the interrogation, mentally sick people made the confession. Most of them are unaware of the rights and law, thus, they suffer from the confession. There are some variants of it.

  1. Deliberate Confession: This is the confession that is not detained or mirandized.
  2. Forced: Forced confession is a difficult interrogation that makes one believe that he or she has committed the crime.
  3. Compliant One: Confession of the accused having mental disorders in order to get rid of the stress of interrogation.
False Confession

There are various effects of these interrogations. The police are very rigid, and they can reach the extent to make the accused to tell the truth, but that is applicable for the mentally sick people. The mental disabilities that can affect the interrogation and the accused can be sentenced to imprisonment for it. The people having gullibility, weak memory, and naivety suffer from some severe mental issues like Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Mania, Depression and Psychosis and their confession. In this case, the confession report should be judged again before the imprisonment. The help of the criminal defense attorney in OKC can handle this situation on behalf of these people.

It is significant for the mentally disabled person to interrogate with counselling. The way the police treat the other normal people, should not be the same with the mentally sick ones. If needed, the criminal defense attorney in OKC and the family members as well should be there for providing the intellectual and emotional support.

You may get several other queries regarding the interrogation for the people with mental disorder and false confession. You can get right answers for all your queries from Handley Law Centre. You can get experienced lawyer as well as the best advice for the case.