Various Consequences of DUI and DWI

A man drinking alcohol with holding the car steering

The action to go behind the steering wheel after alcohol consumption can have fatal and life-changing consequences. Even driving after a few drinks could put you in a situation that that can change your life.

What is Drunk Driving?

The BAC or legal blood alcohol concentration levels in all 50 States are 0.08%. It is 0.04% for commercial drivers. You could be charged for DWI or DUI if you are beyond this threshold and get into a crash. The BAC depends, including a person’s body weight, on numerous factors.

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DUI Manslaughter

The result of a drunk driver inducing an accident and leading to another person's death is a manslaughter charge of a DUI. The drunk driver did not plan to kill someone else, but it took place because he was allegedly drunk.

Every country has various charges that apply to causing death yet; there are two major types of DUI killing:

Gross negligence and DUI manslaughter: Extreme rashness often exists in this case. For example, a driver may have a head-on collision on the wrong side of the road.

Ordinary negligence and DUI manslaughter: The defendant has usually violated a traffic law, yet the actions cannot be considered extreme negligence. For instance, before the crash leading to a fatality, the driver perhaps uses his cell phone.

Possible penalties in the cases may include:

  • Suspension of your driving license.

  • Compensation to the affected people.

  • Prison sentence.

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DUI Murder

Each state differs in their laws as far as crime is concerned. You could face murder charges if you were previously alleged with DUI and now have killed someone in a separate DUI crash.

In other countries, charges in the event of a deadly DUI crash may apply to vehicular homicide or second-degree murder. You could look at all these scenarios to spend decades in prison and pay hefty damages to the family of the victim.

While the situation is tragic, you should protect yourself from facing the chances of life-altering results. DUI murder charges can be decreased to a standard charge for DUI or reckless driving. A lawyer can investigate every aspect of a disastrous DUI crash to know what is in the case to best protect you.

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