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Traffic Stops – the Best Way of Dealing with Problems

Handley LLC June 4, 2019

The stops by traffic cops are often unpleasant. There are a large number of forces converging for road hazards: traffic stops can be dangerous to cops, they are worried about this, and sometimes motorists perceive the police to be a danger to themselves. Nobody wants to be pulled over, especially if they aren't confident about handling the situation. We must do something to help everyone to drive safer and and make traffic stops easier, so we wrote this item to help you if and when you're pulled over. If you play your cards correctly, our criminal defense attorney in OKC can even help you get out of a ticket.

If a traffic violation police officer stops you, take into consideration the following tips for increasing your chances of avoiding a fine and reducing traffic stress:

  • Slow down and indicate your intent to pull over when you see the lights behind you, or you might be charged with evading the police officer.

  • Be aware that a minor traffic violation may have occurred involuntarily, or if the police officer wants to alert the driver to a problem on their car.

  • Keep your hands on the steering wheel so the officer can see them.

  • Remain polite to the officers even if you think they are in the wrong; you can deal with issues later rather than worsening the situation.

  • Do not leave the car unless the officer has instructed that.

  • Listen to the officer’s request and help him see the driving license, registration, and proof of insurance as they may require.

  • Be courteous and uncompetitive. A traffic stop is not the time for debate.

  • If the officer asks a question of the driver over again unsatisfied with your honest answer, you should ask if you are under arrest, if you can leave or you need to contact your criminal defense attorney in OKC.

  • Sign the tickets as it is not an admission of guilt, but an acknowledgment of the receipt of the ticket.

  • Get the officer's name and badge number.

Many people get nervous during a traffic stop, even if they do not have anything to hide or fear.  Otherwise stated, it is not rare for the courts to account for signs of nervousness for most people whether innocent or culpable.  Therefore, nervousness alone cannot be grounds for making an arrest during a routine stop.

If you have been held for illicit drugs, weapons or other contraband after a regular stop in traffic and then arrested, defenses on your charge may depend on why the officer is arresting you.  Therefore, if your case starts with a stop in traffic, you should contact a criminal defense attorney in OKC with expertise in the legislation governing these matters.  By doing this, you are best able to avoid a criminal conviction and imprisonment.  To discuss how we could help you with your case in Oklahoma, please call us at Handley Law Center for consultation.

** Disclaimer: This blog post does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create a client-attorney relationship.