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The Story of Houston Tiger and Charges

Handley LLC June 23, 2021

The startling footage of a tiger momentarily prowling a Houston neighborhood has garnered national attention from CNN, CBS, Today, and other outlets. You might be wondering what charges might be linked in the historic case now and the tiger is found and any perceptible threat has passed.

Tigers Are Allowed in Texas, but Not in Houston.

Local governments—cities and counties—can regulate the ownership of exotic animals under Texas law. In other words, the state is fine with exotic animal ownership as long as it is permitted by local authorities.

The such animal owners must, however, register them with a municipal or county's animal control office under Texas law. Texas law also mandates that anybody purchasing, selling, or possessing a potentially harmful animal obtain a permit. Tigers, bears, lions, chimps, cougars, and coyotes, are included.

Though it may be permissible to own exotic animals in some Texas towns or counties, it is unlawful to keep a tiger in Houston unless it is housed in a nationally certified zoo.

The city of Houston's exotic or "wild" animal statute states that harboring a potentially hazardous animal is a misdemeanor offense. For each wild animal possessed and each day it is possessed, a fine can be imposed. If you get such cases call a criminal defense attorney.

In Texas, Even Dog Owners Might Face Criminal Charges.

When it comes to hazardous animals, such as dogs, that can hit a person and cause damage or death, Texas law is harsh. In such circumstances, the owner may be charged with a crime.

The owner of an animal in Texas that attacks someone unprovoked in a location other than the owner's land can be charged with a felony offence. Criminal negligence is defined as failing to secure a dog or other animal.

There Hasn't Been Any Charges Filed Against the Houston Tiger Yet.

No one was wounded in the first loose and subsequently vanished a male Bengal tiger i.e. 9-month-old named India. In reality, after being observed outdoors for a brief period on May 9, the tiger was not seen again until one of its claimed owners surrendered the animal to authorities. According to Houston Police, she has not been charged yet.

Her spouse, on the other hand, is facing a number of accusations, not all of which are related to the tiger case.

He had recently been released on bond after being charged with murder in Fort Bend County in 2017 and avoiding arrest in Austin County earlier this year.

He allegedly collected the stray tiger in a Houston neighborhood on May 9 and drove away with it, despite warnings from a nearby off-duty cop to stay at the site. The next day, he was arrested for eluding police.

The man was freed on bond two days later, but on Friday, May 14, he was detained again and imprisoned in a Fort Bend County jail. When his pending murder accusation bond was canceled by a Fort Bend County court, he was brought into custody.

When India was brought to Houston Police, she was unhurt and in good shape. Officials with Animal Control said he'll be taken to the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, Texas, southeast of Dallas.

The tiger will be kept in his own habitat for a while, but he may be brought to other tigers at the ranch later. The same law goes to OKC as well. Do you require the services of a criminal defense attorney in the OKC area?

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