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The New Developments of DUI Expungement in Oklahoma

Handley LLC Oct. 21, 2021

In Oklahoma, obtaining a full DUI expungement necessitates a step that is not required in other criminal cases. Because DUI charges are often followed by civil cases, you'll also need to remove the civil case off the public record. Pull up OSCN if you have a DUI. You can do so by going to OSCN.

Examine your criminal case; there should be a case number that begins with either CF or CM. A DUI charge filed in 2015, for example, will be CM-2015-1234. This is the number of your criminal case. There could also be another case number next to your name that begins with a CV or a MI. This is your administrative appeal for a driver's license. CV-2015-1234 or MI-2015-1234 is the code for an administrative appeal. From state to state, the case style differs.

What Is a Drivers License Reconsideration?

When you obtain a DUI, you're fighting two battles at once. Your criminal case in state or municipal court is the initial battle. Your next struggle will be with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety to maintain your license safe from being suspended. Both battles are tough to win, but they are crucial. Because of public transit lack in Oklahoma, the majority of residents rely on their automobiles to move around. The loss of your license or the installation of an interlock device may have an influence on every aspect of your life. As a result, expunging a DUI can help you erase your record and restore your reputation.

After a DUI, you may have to fight for your driver's license.

When you are booked for a DUI, you will be issued a temporary license as well as a notice of revocation. The temporary permit is only valid for 30 days. Second, within 15 days after the arrest, you or your lawyer must file a Request for Administrative Hearing. You may still be permitted to install an interlock device in your car if you do not place an administrative hearing request. If you demand an administrative hearing, your lawyer will meet with you over the phone shortly after the arrest.

Your arresting officer and your lawyer must communicate over phone. The hearing is managed or "conducted" by a DPS employee. The hearing's sole purpose is to determine if there was probable cause to pull over. For no probable cause, the officer did not show up for the hearing, or DPS broke a rule, your license will not be revoked.

If DPS says that there was credible arrest cause, the process to revoke your license will begin. You can, however, file an appeal with the courts, requesting that the DPS decision be overturned. You will need to get your name removed from OSCN and ODCR in this scenario.

Eliminating DPS appeal from ODCR and OSCN is a good way to remove the record completely. Expungement attorneys and lawyers in Oklahoma have now been given permission to remove these from the internet by the Oklahoma legislature. This does not, however, affect your driving record (MVR). Despite a DUI expungement, the points collected from your DUI remain on your license.

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