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The Effects of Covid-19 on Divorce and Its Elements

Handley LLC Oct. 12, 2020

There are some major issues which have to be addressed in concluding a divorce procedure when the parties initiate it. Those issues include property and debt distribution, support (sustainable for spousal and child support), health, and custody. Some of the common divorce problems can become more complex as parties put effort in divorce negotiations in this pandemic that impacts on many areas of their daily lives.

The court is often regarded as the usual means of reaching a settlement for parties beginning the divorce process. As courts remain closed, or operate to limited degrees, many parties can consider mediation or collaborative law as alternative procedures that can prevent divorce from being brought before the Court in Oklahoma City, OK and also provide a mutually beneficial settlement. The beauty of working together in an extrajudicial process is that with the help of a professional family attorney experienced, the couple can start to address their special situation straight away.

A neutral third party will facilitate discussions with the parties in the mediation process. In this respect, the parties generally work together and agree on the process. Offices are closed therefore, video conferral can allow parties to function in the process. Mediation sessions may take place during offices. Since the mediator does not represent either party in legal capacity, the parties may retain their own lawyers or choose to act without family attorneys. All cases range from simple to highly complex financial and/or highly emotional. Parties may also opt for interim agreements on restricted subjects such as access to parents or the sale or purchase of property.

Support for Children And/or Maintenance:

While certain guidelines are laid down by states on spousal and child support, people come up with substitute arrangements that satisfy their family's needs. During the outbreak of Coronavirus employment was cut off, reduced and converted into virtual work at home for many people. Individuals in some cases rely on unemployment and/or government-financed incentives to sustain their employment / business. Although this can be temporary, the financial consequences are immediate and long-term.

Health and Life Insurance

Insurance cover and payouts may be affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus according to the parties' age and other factors. Life insurance is used in many agreements to ensure that families have sufficient resources when one party dies. These types of dispositions require careful attention and may require careful analysis, depending on the coverage currently in place and other factors.

Appropriate health insurance and the associated costs must also be incorporated into each family's cost-benefit analysis. Therapy and other services must be examined and dealt with out of pocket costs as a divorce process part. The costs can be important and the cash available can move forward.

It can seem daunting to work through divorce or to start the process during the coronavirus pandemic. However, the process can be achieved in ways that remain optimal and mutually beneficial for both sides. It is important to decide whether or not to move forward with family resolution and the right process. An informed decision can be taken by a consultation. Technologies such as zoom and Skype create a productive bargaining opportunity. You can find more information on mediation and collaborative divorce o our official website of Handley Law Center. For legal aid, contact us in Oklahoma City, OK.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.