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Suing Someone for Corona Virus Infection- What Attorneys Have to Say

Handley LLC Jan. 5, 2021

Is it possible to sue someone for infecting you with a harmful COVID-19 virus? A recent study by an OKC based personal injury attorney has portrayed a different picture. He states that success mainly depends on establishing the fact that you have been affected by the defendant. Performing the same thing is not possible. Involved party did not do it intentionally.

However, you can sue a particular person via the negligence theory. Four elements need to be established:

●        Instead of providing you care, the person infected you

●        The person breached the duty

●        You are  is highly now suffering

●        Suffering includes medical expenses and other medication bills.

To avoid infecting other people, the person should keep himself/herself in self-quarantine. Instead of that, if he/she is roaming publicly, it will be considered unreasonable behavior. Despite knowing the fact that COVID-19 is highly contagious, you can sue that person immediately. Here, the person has breached the duty protocols, followed by acting in a practical matter.

Proving the Causation

Causation is not an easy thing to prove. To successfully sue the particular person, you need to verify that the person exposed you to the virus, despite knowing the consequences. You cannot sue any other person in any circumstances.

One to one infection proving is trickier, as there is a chance of infecting yourself from somewhere else. As COVID-19 is spreading continuously, suing a particular person is next to impossible. On top of that, you have to prove the damages unless there are hospital and medication expenses. If you in isolation, it may be difficult for you to claim the monetary damages.

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