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Shared Parenting and Child Custody in Covid-19 Crisis

Handley LLC April 13, 2020

With the coronavirus pandemic parents are encountering a lot of question, especially those who are divorced or have shared custody. Many parents are concerned about how to abide by the co-parenting agreement and custodial agreement. How can you successfully come over the crisis of this pandemic? How should you maintain the custody agreement? See here what a family law attorney suggests.

Stay Healthy

You should comply the CDC and local guidelines and should depict a good behavior for the children. Follow good hand washing habit, wipe the surfaces and other objects that are touched frequently and also maintain instructed social distances. Be in touch with the news reports and do not believe rumors.

Be Mindful

You should be mindful with the severity of this pandemic disease. Do not panic and stay calm. Try to convince your child that everything will return to the normal life. Do not make careless comments in front of your children. Keep them away from unnecessary media coverage. At the same time, answer all the questions of your children truthfully.

Stay Compliant

Abide by the court orders and comply the custody agreements. Follow the court order as it is, since this is meant to prevent the unwanted negotiation of custody time sharing. In some places, there are standing orders regulated that said though schools are closed but they are under running session, therefore, the custody agreement should be in force. Do not hold back your custody time when the children are sick, they are immunocompromised or have any other medical condition.

No Conflict

This is the best time you can come up with your co-parenting skills. You should resolve all existing disputes. As the primary concern is health there could be lack in judicial system. Stay in touch with the other parent or with the parenting coordinator.

Be Understanding

Since Covid-19 is a global pandemic, you should be flexible to the best possible extent. If anyone of you missed the visitation time, work together and ensure it will be made up next time. If you cannot visit your child personally in this pandemic, be available on phone calls, video chat etc.

Stay Connected

Communicate with your child more. He might be under stress seeing the effects of the pandemic as children now are always open to the online resources. Both parents can calm down the child. Both of the parents should have access to the insurance cards, school portals and more. Work together if your child is feeling ill or showing any of the symptoms.

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