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Running a Red Light – how Dangerous It Can Turn

Handley LLC Feb. 1, 2019

Unfortunately, running a red light can have catastrophic effects–even “just one time”. If traffic failure due to a red light happens, the potentiality for accidents significantly increases. You will probably be legally liable for your injuries and property damage caused if you run a red light and get into a crash. Consult your personal injury attorney in OKC for legal help.

Why Run a Red Light?

The majority of people run red lights as they feel impatient or hurried. It is indeed understandable in our fast world, but it also reflects a basic error of risk and reward. For some others who run red lights, the logic is they don't care about their safety or the safety of others or because they don't think anybody is watching.

Speeding the car means drivers must determine whether it's better to slam at breaks, to fly through the light or to avoid danger, hoping that there is no incoming cross-traffic. Some cannot simply stop at the right time, and they run in the red light for that.

Also, other causes of red-light-running:

  • Drivers "zone out" on long journeys and lose situational awareness;

  • Drivers pay attention to devices such as smartphones instead of driving on the road or GPS;

  • Drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

  • The location or operating mode of the red light makes it hard for drivers to see or anticipate a change in the signal.


  • Red light running accidents are more likely than other types of accidents to cause significant injury. Usually, when you run a red light, it’s at a higher than average speed. Red light accidents generally lead to a collision  often called a "t-bone," in which one car hits another’s side side. These 'angular' hits cause severe injuries and fatalities to the passengers.

  • Massive fatalities result from red light running accidents. It represents more than 800 deaths a year, or roughly two fatal red light accidents a day in America. Moreover, in red light accidents, more than 200,000 people are injured each year.

  • Aggressive driving reflects the lack of care for the health and safety of passengers and other people on the road in the eyes of the law. When you are a victim of an accident without being at fault, your personal injury attorney in OKC may better help you to deal with it.

In Case You Are in An Accident

You, as a driver, have a duty not to drive in a way that might cause others on the road to be harmed. You may be legally responsible for the resulting damage if you breach this obligation by causing an accident.

  • The red light run is a violation of your responsibility to take care of others on the road. If you drive through a red light, you are at high risk of a collision resulting from this action and will be held legally responsible. You are most likely to be partially at fault for the accident for violating the law and not taking care of other drivers on the road with you.

  • You and your insurance company may pay for damage. Anyone affected by your actions can attempt to recover through your car liability policy. If the other driver has insurance for personal injury, this driver's insurance is likely to cover the medical charges. Your insurance company can, however, be responsible for paying such bills up to the policy limit.

  • Your insurance may be lost. In some cases, your insurance company may choose to cover you no longer after a severe accident — particularly when you were involved in more than one serious accident within about three years. Following a severe accident, even if you can maintain your insurance, your insurance premiums may significantly increase.

  • You may receive a traffic quote or be prosecuted criminally. At least, if you run a red light and cause an accident, it is likely that you will be summoned for a moving violation. You are also very likely to face criminal charges, especially when the accident has severely injured someone or caused death. This could have all sorts of further adverse effects, including losing your drivers' license, losing your job, or even losing your liberty, according to your circumstances. You will need your personal injury attorney in OKC to advise you in this case.

For a reliable personal injury attorney in OKC come to us at Handley Law Center. Our proficient team of lawyers can help you with expert legal counsel. Stay safe out there!

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.