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Reasons You Should Not Testify Your Criminal Trial

Handley LLC Feb. 21, 2021

You will have a major effect on your career and your reputation if charged with a criminal offence. It is normal for you to want to stand up and tell everyone that you're innocent if you're convicted of a crime that you haven't committed or if conditions are exhaustive.

However, it is sadly not a good idea to bring an innocent person on the witness stand at the trial in Oklahoma. There is also a serious risk that jury will misunderstand your evidence and undermine your case. Instead, depend on criminal defense attorney and let the proof speak for you. It might not be a wise idea in your trial to take a stand; take into consideration the three significant factors described below.

Strong Defenses Also Remain Untamed

The jury should concentrate on the investigation of the charge by the law enforcement authorities and on whether there are contradictions. The testimony of a defendant could distract jurors from concentrating on these problems. If a defendant considers himself in a way that is uncomfortable on the stand, the jury can consider the testimony of the witness to be untrustworthy and even wrong. Recall that a person is presumed innocent in Oklahoma and the United States unless it is found guilty. This ensures you have nothing to prove if you are convicted of a criminal offence. Instead, the court is responsible for arguing you are guilty of the offence.

Reasons in Your Court Case Are Unwise

Some of the reasons why testifying in their criminal trials is always not in someone's best interest are:

  • You might claim something unacceptable or mistaken by taking a stance that could seriously endanger your case.

  • The prosecutor will also cross-examine you if you take the stand. Sometimes, this means the prosecutor can ask hard questions, which might undermine the argument if answered incorrectly.

  • In the Fifth Amendment, the defense against self-incrimination is specifically stated.

  • Your testimony is possibly not believed by the jury. This is because a lot of jurors are partial to the convicted.

Some Reasons Remain Why You Should Testify

Although it's always not a good idea, a lawyer should decide whether a client in his criminal trial should testify. Such benefits for people to stand up for themselves include:

  • You have already challenged particular claims or conversations and will explain their specifics by testifying.

  • The jury thinks you are culpable and you have a chance to win the jury by standing with you.

  • Unreliable witnesses were used by the prosecution. You can build considerable credibility with jurors by taking the stand.

  • You've got a good alibi to prove your innocence.

Call a criminal defense attorney to help you out with the case.

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