Questions You Should Ask A Personal Injury Attorney

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A personal injury lawyer is the person on whom you completely depend on to take care of your insurance claim and for to ensure the right judgment is made in the case of your innocence. Perhaps you are in grave trouble because of an accident and are undergoing physical and mental trauma. You had to pay a lot to the hospital and your work capability is also at stake. Under all these circumstances, you should call a personal injury attorney in OKC or anywhere else in the United States. Only they can help you to get the negotiations right to get the settlement you deserve from the insurance company.

If you are perplexed on whom to choose to be your personal attorney, ask a few questions. It will help to ensure that you are on the right track. The attorney is the person with whom you deal with very closely and you should be comfortable with them, therefore, it is very important to know that person better and be open. Clarify what you are expecting.

What are the fees?

You should know the what the fees will be and only if it suits you, then hire that attorney. Probably after the accident you had to drain your money to get treatment for yourself and you are in a financial crunch at that moment. So, if there are any hidden charges or a hefty fee, you might not be able to afford it. It is better to know the fee structure beforehand and then make the contract with the attorney. Sometimes, attorneys charge a percentage of the recovered money that you got from the insurance company. Have an idea how much money you are going to receive and what percentage you need to give to your attorney.

In case, you lose, who will be responsible for case related costs?

Ask the attorney what will happen if they are unsuccessful with your case, who will bear the cost of the case? Some attorneys charge only the case-related costs along with a contingency fee.

personal injury attorney okc

Do they all have similar experience?

Do not assume that all personal attorney’s have dealt with similar cases like yours previously. They might not have. So, it is better to ask about thier prior experience and of course the results.

How much time he will give to your case?

Many lawyers handle too many cases at the same time, and they can barely give enough time to each individual case. So, it is better to ask how much time your case will get. Rather than being neglected after appointing an attorney, knowing beforehand is always preferable.

Generally, how much time does it take to resolve such cases?

The personal injury attorney in OKC is the best person to say how much time the case is going to take to be resolved. There are many influences that can delay a case and an attorney knows it best to remove those influences. The more committed, expert and experienced your attorney is, the less time it will take to resolve the case.

personal injury attorney okc

What is the case worth?

A personal injury lawyer should have a clear idea about the worth of your case. You can ask them to be clear to about the value of your case. The lawyer should be able to provide you with a spectrum and elaborate on the factors which determine or influence the verdict such as the discovery, liability or medical condition of the victim.

Your role in the lawsuit

The final question is about knowing your role in the lawsuit. Ask what is expected from you during the case and how it is going to affect you. Some lawyers do not want their clients to be highly involved or there are some who inform the client of everything that is happening.

If you hire a personal injury attorney in OKC, you can even ask to have a conversation with a past client. If it is a law firm, introduce yourself with the attorney who is going to deal with your case. For any such queries or when you are in trouble, call Handley Law Center.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.