Prenuptial Agreement: Basic Requirements for Protecting Your Assets After Divorce

Prenuptial Agreement

Life is unpredictable and so is our future. Today we are getting into a relationship, getting married to that person, but can we guarantee that the marriage will sustain till the end? No, we can’t. Being practical, therefore, it is required for the couples to draft a prenuptial agreement to avoid any future mess. Before discussing the requirements for drafting prenuptial, know the basics of it. Remember, this is not a guide to help you make the draft. For that, you need your family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK. Continue reading for getting an idea on the entire thing in a nutshell.

What Is Prenuptial Agreement?

This is basically a legal agreement between a couple before their marriage. This agreement establishes the property and financial rights of the spouses after or in an event of divorce. You may think this is awful; none likes to think of divorce, especially when they are getting married. But, it is a matter of fact that a huge number of marriages in the United States ends up in divorce and then, the problems take place with the properties and other belongings. The main concept is to protect the assets of the spouses and the family businesses. Consult the family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK to get a better view.

The Basic Requirements

As it is a legal agreement, it needs to be valid. For making it legally valid, you need to ensure some factors.

  1. Each partner needs to execute the agreement voluntarily. If one of them does not agree with the terms, it is no point to proceed it from one side. Therefore, before arranging the agreement, talk to your fiancé, let the lawyer have a talk and then, if you two decide to make it, ask the lawyer again for the rest of the process.

  2. You and your partner need to be transparent about your belongings and properties. Otherwise, if any problem occurs in future, it will not be protected in the basis of the agreement.

  3. Both of you need to sign the agreement. It should be done in the presence of the notary public.

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A Lawyer will be hired to evaluate and assess the agreement again so that there would not be any room for a mistake. If any unfair or unreasonable activity is proved with any of the parties, the documentation can be canceled. It is ensured that the agreement cannot be partial to any of them if any such situation occurs. The state law will be unbiased while protecting the properties and separate them again if any unpleasant thing happens.

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