How to Deal with Dog Bite Injury?

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If you are attacked by a dog and severely injured, the first thing you should do is visit a doctor or a clinic for treatment. Post initial trauma, if you think you can file for a compensation claim. From the dog owner, you can demand compensation. In Oklahoma City, there are many such cases where victim won and where did not.

For the same, the first help you need is from a personal injury attorney in OKC. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to win. Next, do not forget to make a police report and inform Animal Control. If you have not done this on time, your attorney won’t be able to help you.

Being a dog-bite victim, you have to prove that it belongs to an owner and is not abandoned. It bit you on a public property or on a legally private property. The biting has caused injury that needed medical attention.

If the dog is not medically fit, or you have disturbed it and your defendant can prove it, you have fewer chances to win. Anyhow if you have provoked the dog, there are fewer scopes to win. In Oklahoma City, there are favorable laws for victims who have suffered from an aggressive or vicious dog bite. But there is a catch. The dog owner is not liable to compensate victim under three considerations – The dog bite has injured you, you have not provoked it or you have legal rights to be in the place where it has happened.

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If you have trespassed onto a private property, threw things at the dog, attacked or threatened the owner, the verdict may go against you. Otherwise, the dog owner has to pay you and your personal injury attorney in OKC can fully help you. In Oklahoma, after the incident, you have two years deadline to file a civil lawsuit. After that period, your chances to get justice will be gone forever. In some specific cases, the statutory period can be extended but that is really an exception.

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