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How to Avoid a Jail Sentence

Handley LLC June 12, 2019

The best way to prevent imprisonment is through the rejection of the case by filing motions for deletion or prosecutions, and by obtaining a judgment from the jury for which is not guilty. However, not every situation has great defenses. Therefore, we have created methods of preventing the most severe implications, including prison. Our criminal defense attorneys in OKC have handled many criminal cases in the state with excellent efficiency.

Whether you're driving a boat, a four-wheel drive or another way off the beaten track, these kinds of unusual DUIs may generate some exciting circumstances beyond your ordinary DUI environment and cause distinctive problems such as open container rules and field testing.

Plea Bargaining

You need to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney in OKC to make a successful plea bargaining who can easily collect evidence and build your defense you and file for a better plea or even get the case dismissed. Similarly, an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer can negotiate a favorable plea deal effectively. The aim of all plea agreements is to prevent the greatest possible sentences.

When an expert attorney identifies and highlights potential defenses or any other deficiencies in this case, he or she can use those points to convince the prosecutor to dismiss charges or to significantly reduce charges in order to prevent serious consequences such as suspension of the driver's license, imprisonment, fines, probation and a conviction for DUI.

Our reputation of being qualified criminal defense lawyers who don't fear to defend even the most serious or challenging cases by filing motions and proceeding allows us to negotiate plea agreements that other lawyers don't receive.

Common Ways to Avoid Jail Time

Prove Yourself Innocent - It's the role of the prosecution to prove guilt but proving your innocence is one of the best ways to avoid a guilty verdict. A "guilty" verdict can have many implications, including imprisonment, heavy fines, restitution of the victim, a criminal record, and more. With the aid of a lawyer for criminal justice, we can help build a case for your innocence against allegations for a host of crimes such as DUI, battery, assault, robbery, and other crimes.

Arguments for alternative sentences that benefit society and criminals can be submitted for those found guilty. These include the following:

Drug Education Programs - For example, rehab can help an addict, while prison time may add fuel to addiction after discharge. A criminal record puts convicts in danger of being out of work, and the domino impact is generally more crimes in society.

Electronic Monitoring - A monitoring device is used to track perpetrators only traveling to their home, work, and college.

Ignition Interlock Device - Certain DUI offenders are provided driving leeway – without their driver's license being suspended. The catch is that each time you get into your vehicle, soberness needs to be demonstrated.

Home Confinement - Some offenders have been lucky enough to receive a house arrest sentence versus the bitter prison term. The provisions of this sentence include random visits by an officer in parole and adherence to all probationary conditions.

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