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How House Burn Accidents Can Lead to Death?

Handley LLC Jan. 14, 2020

If your house catches fire, you can leave your house within three minutes or less. Compared to decades ago, it is much less time. That is because today furnishings and other equipment in your home are updated, and these elements burn quicker. In a matter of five minutes, a fire could destroy your home completely. You might be hurt by burns from several sources if you get trapped in your house. You may need a personal injury attorney in OKC if any such incident takes place.

Many house fires are caused by "careless" cooking, if somebody turns on a stove or grill to cook meals and leaves them unattended, the chances get higher. Grease could split or oil would splutter into a pot that could lead to a fire. The whole kitchen can get flames within a matter of minutes. Never go out of the kitchen by keeping a stove or grill flamed. If you have to go out, turn off the light or tell anyone of the members to attend the machine before you come back.

There are hundreds of products with flammability warnings. If one of these things would explode in your house, a fire will quickly go out of control. If you used it when it exploded, you could experience severe burns and may even need skin grafts to repair the injured area, that could put you in the hospital for months.

There Are Four Burn Injuries Categories

  • First degree burns: The lowest level of burns can be sustained. It is related to sunburn most often and usually needs no professional medical treatment.

  • Burning in 2nd degree: These damages the lower skin layers. You will see the outline of blisters and will not be able to touch the body. Depending on the size and area of the burns, patients may need to seek medical treatment.

  • Third grade burns: These kinds of leathery skin burn wounds is known as third grade. Damage is caused in the fat and muscle tissue and the burn damages the nerve endings. Skin grafting is probably required, and a permanent scarring is likely to continue.

  • Burns at fourth grade: Entering the bones, sometimes contributing to death. If the victim survives, the burn body part is almost likely to be amputated.

Real Risks Are Caused by Suffocation or Inhalation

Not all victims of house fires are hurt by burning. Smoke and ash inhalation can cause long-term breathing problems. When fires burn, the oxygen in the room is drained. Oxygen deprivation can cause permanent brain damage, and a patient can die if left untreated.

If any such accident case occurs in your house, you can contact Handley Law Center to get an experienced personal injury attorney in OKC.

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