How Does Remarriage Affect Child Support?

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The rate of divorce has increased significantly in recent years, though separation is always a painful process. If you have undergone this phase of your life but have a child from your first marriage, then you should take the time to consider how remarriage will affect child support. Divorce and remarriage can impact a child both emotionally and financially. This article will help you understand whether remarriage after divorce will affect child support. For a smooth process and the best possible solution, hire an expert family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK.

This process is not just about you; rather, it is also about the little kid who is on the verge of some major changes in their life. This is also not about offering money to your ex to raise your child. Mostly, people associate the term child support with money, but this is more than money. Your kid needs both parents, and it is your duty to rear your child with the best possible care. Both custodial and non-custodial parents have equal responsibility for their child. This duty on any ground will not change even if one of the parents gets married again.

Custody is given to a parent based on factors like net income, tax accounts, crime records and addiction to drugs, among others. Your new spouse will not be allowed to adopt your child; despite his or her presence, your ex will be the one supporting your child. Your new spouse’s income will not be included in the support calculation, but if you jointly file income tax, it will affect the child support.

In an extreme and rare circumstance, the income of your new spouse may come under consideration while giving child custody if otherwise he or she would have to face hardship. If the person you get married to has another child, the custody might go to the other parent. The court takes into account the number of dependents one parent has while filing a case for custody. The court says each parent is responsible for their own child regardless of the custody arrangement, and a child’s well-being cannot be overlooked.

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If your spouse becomes answerable for other children, while other factors remain constant, you can ask the court to reconsider the custody. However, before appealing to the court, you need to make sure that the reasons being shown are strong enough; otherwise, the case may go either way. Generally, the court will alter the decision if there are severe and unexpected changes.

If you are concerned about how remarriage will affect child support, you can call a family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, to help plead your case in front of the court.

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