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How Can Your Criminal Defense Attorney Help You?

Handley LLC May 18, 2020

Prison time and large fines are grave penalties. You want an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for you if you face any of them because of a serious crime. Regardless of how intelligent you are, it is very difficult to effectively represent yourself in a criminal trial. Criminal defense lawyers have been trained in detecting and finding unique elements of cases. They look for factors and hear arguments to reduce a crime conviction. Their function is to organize and present the facts so that a winning legal theory is best promoted. In a trial, a layman does not even know when a certain fact may have a significant impact on a case, and so many legal concepts are at stake. You have to know how a criminal defense lawyer can help you for these (and many more) reasons.

Benefits of A Lawyer


It is obvious that the lawyers in crime have a degree in law, so they are familiar with the system of criminal justice. They have studied and learned all aspects of criminal law and legal proceedings. It is the job of them to defend you and to determine if the system can work in your favor with loopholes or inconsistencies. You also know the main legal players you're going to meet. In many cases, they work with the prosecutors and judges that help them build a strong case and make a positive contribution to their customers.

Negotiation Skills

Your best solution may be a plea bargain to reduce a sentence or to remove charges, but prosecutors sometimes benefit defendant who themselves represent. The prosecutor knows that it will be much easier to prosecute a "novice" than a trial with a criminal defense lawyer expert.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys take many years for negotiations, often using creative concepts to sentences which would not even be known to a lay person. From the beginning of the case, your criminal defense attorney will have told you what steps you can take to ensure your best position is in a plea bargain.

Evidence Analysis

The criminal case lawyer must examine the facts and theories carefully in analyzing the evidence against a criminal accused. He or she could have proofs tested independently. He or she may also examine evidence to determine whether legal theories work against his or her client's conviction.

Communication with Client

A criminal defense attorney must remain in contact with the client in order to explain and keep him or her informed of any developments in the case. The lawyer must ensure that talks with the customer are kept confidential. In addition, the lawyer must ensure that the client is informed on the case in order to better understand the potential implications.

Jury Selection

The selection process is supported by a criminal defense lawyer. If they are prejudicial to the defendant or if he or she just feels bad about a potential juror, he or she may try to remove jurors because of cause.

Plea Bargaining

It is also up to the criminal defense lawyer to talk about the status of the case and discuss any specific plea deal with the prospective prosecutor. A criminal defense lawyer can help secure a favorable deal that will lead to a reduction in charge or possible punishment for the defendant.

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