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How Can Child Abuse Be Dealt With?

Handley LLC April 11, 2019

For some who were abused as a child by a parent or by a caregiver, they might feel there is no one to turn to. However, there are methods and support systems in place to assist victims, and our family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, can help in claiming compensation. We understand that the unique nature of child abuse claims requires expert knowledge, experience and, in particular, sensitivity. That is why at Handley Law Center, we have a team of specialized attorneys who have been dealing with claims for child abuse for a long time.

In confidentiality, we will be working closely with you in the entire case. We are devoted to helping physical and sexual abuse survivors, and we can also help you. It is entirely reasonable for a child abuse compensation claimant to have doubts about seeing the abuser at court. We'll be around to represent you and support you at all steps if you have to appear before the court.

The defendant may try and limit our access to relevant evidence, and often vigorously defend claims. This is why it may take one or two years to complete such cases (sometimes longer). It's your choice whether you come forward if the police haven't investigated this abuse. This can be discussed with our specialists. There are clear benefits:

  • If the abuser is convicted of a criminal offense, compensation is easier to obtain as the abuse has already been proved.

  • Police have the best access to proof that can be used when the criminal proceedings are over.

  • Each case is different, and a specialist child abuse advocate will evaluate your case to see whether we can help. There are time limits for claims to be brought before courts, but we can often deal with these, even if your case is older technically because of the historical abuse claim.

Confidentiality About Abuse Claims

Your privacy is essential to us. Our family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, will keep everything confidential and classify all documents related to your case throughout every stage in the legal process. Additional ways to safeguard your privacy include:

  • Your preferred contact method can be selected.

  • We will only contact others, including social services and the police, about your case with your approval.

  • We may request the court to confidentially handle court documents related to your claim.

  • Any documents that we do not need about your case in our office are destroyed.


The law may award compensation for physical or psychological damage and loss of money such as lost income, medical treatment, travel expenses, etc. The key to any claim is proof from independent physicians, usually psychiatrists in cases of child abuse. He or she is going to interview you and produce a report detailing the damage. Such statements allow courts to determine the amount of compensation to be received. The amount awarded by the Court is dependent on the seriousness of the abuse, the duration of the abuse and the psychological problems caused.

In some cases, it may be necessary to provide evidence from other medical experts to comment on physical damage. We might need to consult an educational psychologist if your schooling has been affected and you could not achieve your potential in the workforce. In some cases, the most significant part of a claim may consist of a loss of earnings. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages have been recovered using this evidence.

If you or any child in your family is abused physically or mentally leaving trauma to their well-being and interrupting his/her life, you can contact our family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, for justice and compensation.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.