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How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help You in Bike Riding Accidents?

Handley LLC Nov. 18, 2019

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to save money on gas when living and working in Oklahoma City. It's also a good way to work out and stay in shape. But cycling on congested city streets can be disastrous for riders of all levels of experience.

When you enjoy biking on the streets of Oklahoma City, you should be aware of the dangers. Preventative measures can avoid some of the most serious bike accidents. You must talk to a personal injury attorney in OKC if you have met an accident.

Are You Comfortably Riding?

Although a bicycle rider cannot travel at the speed of a motor vehicle, you still want to remain secure. Too fast riding can lead to accidents as it prevents you from stopping or pressing the brake in certain situations like a light change quickly, a pedestrian enters the street in your proximity or if a vehicle comes before you without any prior indication.

Look out For the People Around You

 Putting attention is a bike rider problem, just as it is a driver problem. Biking riders can get lost easily in the changing colors of the forest, look at houses, watch the peasants walk along and so on. Some of the most serious cycling accidents occur when the driver or passenger of a parked car suddenly opens the door and hits the passing cyclist. Ensure that your ears are on the road, so that you can hear what's going on around you, at least one ear free of the headphones.

Are You Following the Road Rules?

Cyclists must also comply with traffic rules. You must stop at the stop signs, stop at the coming traffic, stop at red lights, go to the footpaths and stay off sidewalks. You should also wear a helmet if the worst happens.

Were You Clear to Your Pedestrians or Other Vehicles’ Drivers?

Whether you are riding during the day or at night, it is important to be as visible as possible. This includes wore reflective jackets or clothes with reflective streaks, lighting on the front and rear of your bike and even lighting on your casket. Do everything you can to make yourself visible in Oklahoma City on a bicycle.

Drivers who do not see cyclists when they turn or change lanes. This is once again one of the main causes of cycling road accidents. Sometimes a vehicle can take a turn at high speed and, because of its much slower speed, cannot stop in time, and as a result, hits a cyclist. Another example is that a car or truck is underestimating the cyclist's speed and driving in the lane of the cyclist, without allowing the cyclist time to react.

If, for instance, a vehicle pulls out of a junction on a bigger road, bikers are more likely to be hit. In such cases, the car ends right before the driver, and the gap is quite often too short for the rider to respond to a collision in time. In such a case, the driver is hardly at risk of injury, but the cyclist is not the same. Depending on the circumstances, the cyclist is at risk of serious injuries.

Opening of vehicle doors in front of a cyclist. Such accidents occur on an unprecedented basis. Vehicle drivers or passengers often open their vehicles ' doors without properly checking whether a cyclist comes from behind. Cyclists usually have no time to react and even if they do, the only choice is to take a path with other vehicles.

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