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How Can a Family Attorney Help You Get Sole Custody?

Handley LLC May 19, 2021

When a divorce or separation occurs and there are children in the case, more often than not the question of custody comes up. Custody means the responsibility of taking care of a child. A family lawyer in Oklahoma City, OK can help you take sole custody of your child in such a case.

Ideally speaking, according to our legal system, every child with separated or divorced parents should get equal time to spend with each parent. However, if one of the parents is unsuitable for taking care of a child, then, of course, for the safety and proper upbringing of the child, you should apply for taking sole custody of the child. That is, only one person should be beholden to take care of the child.

There can be many reasons why a parent may be unsuitable or undesirable for upbringing a child. He or she may be economically not good enough for proper child-rearing, they may be physically or mentally challenged, they may have destructive habits, and they may have substance abuse and so on and so forth. Obviously, such a person cannot be allowed to take care of children. On these grounds, you can apply for sole custody. An Oklahoma City family attorneys would be able to walk you through the procedure.

When you see a child at risk with one of the parents (most possibly your ex), you can take the help of a child custody lawyer to remedy the living situation and get them under safe custody. The lawyer can build a case around the evidence of inappropriate behavior or the accused parent, thereby trying to convert the shared custody to sole custody.

Of course, the court system is quite demanding and will not let you have the child solely under your winds just because you say so. You need to present solid, verifiable proof that the other person would be unsafe for the child, and at the same time show that you will be safe and capable of bringing her up. Any shadow of doubt on either front can break down the case, or even worse, transfer custody to the social system.

A proper family attorney can let you know what kind of proofs and documents you would need to successfully present a case of sole custody of a child. The Handley Law Center is one such organization where you will have all the help you need.

**Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.