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Helmet Rules of Oklahoma You Ought to Know

Handley LLC Dec. 2, 2020

Motorcycle accidents are terrible. They sometimes lead to serious and frail injuries and even death occasionally. In reality, a motorcycle fatality takes on 28 times more frequently than the fatality of a passenger vehicle occupant, according to the governor's highway safety association study.

That is why motorcyclists ought to wear a helmet, it's no wonder. Helmets not only increase the chances to survive a motorcycle accident dramatically, they also reduce the likelihood of a serious injury for you. In this blog post, we discuss the laws of Oklahoma regarding the use of a helmet, clarify why helmets are necessary for your protection and help you find the most appropriate form of helmet for you. Talk to a personal injury attorney in OKC to know how you can handle such cases.

The Helmet Rule of Oklahoma

You don't need to wear a helmet when you ride in Oklahoma if you're a motorcycle rider over 21 years old and you have at least $10,000 covered in medical benefits. Although several states have this partial helmet regulation, medical coverage is required only in Oklahoma and Florida as well. But, irrespective of their insurance scheme, young motorists also need to wear a helmet.

However that doesn't mean that it's a smart idea to ride without one simply because you might not want to wear a motorcycle helmet. Years of study show that motorcyclists are safe for helmets.

Monitor and Prevention Centers for Diseases (CDC):

  • Helmets decrease the risk of death by 37% in a motorcycle accident.

  • Wearing a helmet reduces 69% of the chance of accident damage to the head.

  • In the last year, the use of a helmet saved 1,859 lives.

  • If each motorcycle rider wears a helmet, they will save more than $1million in financial damages a year from the United States, not to mention that they will protect the accident victims and their loved ones from suffering tremendous.

However only 71% of motorcyclists in the United States have been wearing a helmet in one recent year amid these shocking figures. Many motorcycle riders (too many, if you ask us) think helmets are taking the fun away. Unfortunately, their decision to ride a helmet is often a costly and deadly choice.

Motorcycle Helmets, how Powerful Are They?

Over the years, several studies have shown that motorcycle helmets save lives and reduce accident severity. The use of a helmet will avoid 9% of all accidents and 26% prevent serious lesions requiring transportation to an emergency room, hospitalization, intensive care, and recovery.

The National Safety Board has reported that the key causes of motorcycle accident accidents are mostly head injuries. However, studies also indicate that the brain damage is three times higher in a motorcyclist who witnessed an accident without a helmet than in a helmet driver.

However, note that your safety depends upon the type of helmet you pick if you want to remain safe when driving on two wheels. You have to make sure that you have a DOT-compliant helmet to better secure yourself. These are the only casks which can prevent motorcycle accidents and death reliably.

Non-compliant helmets (often known as 'novelty' helmets) are not produced for use on the highway and do not have the capacity and endurance to withstand impact to shield a jogger in a collision.

Helmets manufacturers typically place a warning mark on them that they are not appropriate for road use. Despite these warnings, some riders still wear new helmets on the road and are threatened (sometimes without realizing it).

You can visit Handley Law Center in OKC to consult with a personal injury attorney if you have encountered an accident and were not wearing a helmet.

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