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Divorce Affects Children’s Education- Researches Say

Handley LLC Feb. 3, 2020

Divorce is a very critical phase of life for both husbands and wives, and also their kids. Most of the spouses often forget that their kids are adversely affected with the divorce process. They get emotionally distracted when they see their parents are getting separated. The hard decision of choosing one of them has to be made by your kids. The rules and regulations of child custody are complicated, therefore, you need a family attorney to deal with the process.

However, recent studies have found that due to the emotional distraction and stress, the academic performance of the kids gets deteriorated day by day.

How Divorce Affect Children’s Education

Every family member gets negatively affected because of a divorce. It is a stressful and long-lasting phase. Divorce can have a lasting negative impact on the children. Although these arguments are known, researchers have come up with a new one saying wealthy family kids face academic deterioration due to divorce more than others.

Researchers from Bureau of Labor Statistics Data surveyed and examined the outcomes of divorce in different classes of the society. These recent surveys have shown that children who belong to wealthier families are likely to get affected more than middle class families’ kids.

Here are three ways the kids face hardship with academics while parents want divorce:

  • Academics Performance Get Deteriorated

Trying to get into the changing dynamics of the family becomes difficult for the kids. The problems are so intimidating that it interrupts their daily study routine. They do not get proper time and scope to concentrate on their academics. As a result, the performance gets deteriorated. Their education gets affected and their marks decreases due to the turmoil going on within their families.

  • Lower Aspirations for Education

The study has also found that the kids of wealthier family become less aspired towards education if their parents go through a divorce. It becomes tougher for them to choose one parent from two. They miss the love and care of their father if they choose their mother and vice versa. It becomes such a mental stress that they tend to get less aspired towards education.

It is indeed a tough time for your children when you go through the divorce. It is your responsibility to help your kids to go through the crisis. Talk to a family attorney to understand how to deal with the situation in a smart way. Visit Handley Law Firm in Oklahoma City, OK right away.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.