Declaration Page Is Indeed the Most Important Part to Get Coverage in an Accident

Custom Declaration Page

It is possible that after your car accident, you failed to receive the insurance claim, despite being victimized because of some documents you forgot to keep. It would be extremely unfair and intolerable as well. Apart from the most common things like lodging a complaint against the offender car and keeping a note of the license number, there is one more thing people often forget but is significant in releasing your claim. Your personal injury attorney in OKC will be in need of this too to handle the case on your behalf. Therefore, be prepared with the document:

Declaration Page of Your Insurance Policy

Like the ‘terms and conditions’, the declaration page is also a boring one. It is a one-page document that consists of the most important information of your insurance policy. It summarizes the insurance coverage with acronyms i.e. incomprehensible for the others. The progress of the lawsuits and its regulations are subjected to vary with the contents of the page. This is the reason why the personal injury attorney in OKC asks for this page while filing for the case.

The clients often ask why his or insurance papers are needed when he or she is not guilty of the accident. It is not required to find out who is at fault but to give the case a smooth ending where you can receive the maximum benefits. No matter whether you are puzzled with the police inquiries, lying in the bed of a hospital for some fractures or so, your first responsibility is to call the insurance company and ask for the declaration page. Once you have it, make sure you send it securely to your personal injury attorney in OKC.

Declaration Page Of Insurance Policy

Why Is It So Important?

You must be thinking why the lawyer is in search of this document so much? Here are some reasons to clear your confusions:

  1. Being an accident victim, it is very possible that you have pending medical bills for the accident. This page will help you out from this situation. There is a small box on that page saying ‘med pay’. This is an abbreviation of medical payment coverage. When you are under this coverage, you can choose the institute or the health care provider from whom you want to get the treatment. It does not increase the rate of insurance bill.

  2. If the driver who hit you is not an insured person, you may have to wait for the driver to pay the bills and once the payment is missed, your coverage can be canceled. In this case, the Declaration page can help you. If you have checked the UM box in the declaration page you are eligible to have Uninsured Motorist coverage.

Without the help of a legal person that is the personal injury attorney in OKC, you would not be able to receive the maximum benefits of your coverage. Therefore, it is better to hire someone to get your back at the time of crisis. It is a wise decision, always.