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Convicted in A Criminal Case? Get an Attorney

Handley LLC Sept. 23, 2020

If you are convicted in a criminal case or there are charges against you, you should immediately hire a criminal defense attorney. The attorney you select would have the highest impact on the case as he/she will drag you out of the case and set free of the charges. The attorney you choose would impact the consequences of the case and would make it in your favor. Therefore, finding an attorney with exceptional knowledge would give you the right boost.

Do You Require an Attorney?

Considering the facts that can put penalties on you making you convicted in a criminal case, you need an attorney.

Valuable Insight on The Case

The criminal attorneys know the laws best and they know every ins and outs of the law. Only an attorney can assess the case and determine if this is possible to beat the accusation posed on you depending on the experience. Though an individual can represent the case and win over but the rate is very low.

Assessing the Case

It happens – the case gets dismissed and thrown out of the court when the legal processes are not followed correctly in the time of arrest, detainment. There are situations where the right evidence has been ignored or considered unusable if a good and experienced attorney is not present in the scene.

Reduced Penalty

If there is no escape from the penalties as the defendant is not found innocent and all the evidence went against, an experienced attorney can reduce the penalty. Providing certain information, an attorney can help in reducing jail time greatly. Most of the prosecutors do not strike the deal with the defendants who are representing themselves in the court. Upon having an attorney you can enforce a great deal of reducing penalties.

What Questions You Should Ask to Your Attorney?

How long you are practicing the criminal law? The criminal law is the chapter that is evolving constantly and only an experienced and updated attorney can help in a critical case. Only being knowledgeable an attorney can set the defense strategies.

How much cases you handle at the same time or in a year? Some attorneys deal with multiple cases at the same time and what is the case burden? If an attorney takes too much work pressure, it might not be possible to dedicate time for you.

What is the record? Check the reviews of the attorney and how much cases he has won? Check reviews of our Handley Law Center. If you need hire our criminal defense attorney.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.