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Consequences and Way Outs of Driving without License

Handley LLC Nov. 14, 2018

It is awful to face a situation where you have a car but you can’t drive it as your license has been suspended. Most people who are aware of the law in OKC and the consequences of driving a car without a license, avoid this problem. But, for youths, it is quite tempting to drive without a license and be the rebel. The criminal defense attorney in OKC recommends driving only with a valid license as the law in Oklahoma is quite strict and a law-breaker may be in grave trouble for this.

What the Law Says

A driving license suspension is the result of several traffic violations including driving under influence. If your license is suspended, driving is restricted for you. In this situation, if you are breaking the rule again and driving without a license, the consequences can be quite bad.

What Happens if You Are Caught

Driving your car without a license may fetch penalties for you depending on the situation of your case. The penalty could include extra fines, custody time and even losing your license forever. Even if the case with a DUI charge is dismissed and your suspension is lifted, you will have to reinstate the license at the Department before you can actually drive again. The suspension would not be withdrawn from your license by default. Ask your criminal defense attorney in OKC to learn more.

The additional penalties incorporate 30 days of jail time, up to $1000 of fines, a felony charge, increased time of license suspension, a complicated license reinstate process etc.

But you can challenge the sanctions in court. You can also appeal for a restricted license for emergency purposes to drive without a license. Consult your criminal defense attorney in OKC to process this with caution.

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