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Child Custody for Fathers: Tips from Top Family Law Attorneys

Handley LLC Jan. 20, 2021

A custody battle may be difficult to win irrespective of the intervention of family law attorneys. Being a father, facing the mental pressure during the custody battle is cumbersome. Besides, you have to be prepared for a difficult child custody battle.

If these things are brimming all these things in mind, you may be worried for a while. To reduce the mental pressure, Mazaheri Law Firm lawyers has prepared a set of exclusive tips for you. Continue reading to explore the advices.

Create a Bonding

Call your child frequently and check in, till the child is not in your custody. You can visit the child’s school and introduce yourself to the governing body. Let the child know about your presence, so that he/she can feel your assistance and support.

Maintain Records

Make a visitation schedule record. It will help you to win the child custody. Maintaining parenting plan can be done by capturing the accurate visitation records. Submit the record in the court when the parenting procedure will be discussed.

Arrange the Child Support Payments

Continue giving the child support payments, if you want full or joint custody. Maintain the documents of the informal arrangement with the other parent of the child. You can also ask for a modification, if you are struggling with the payments. Bear in mind, maintaining the good track record is necessary if you are able to make the payments.

Your Presence Is Important

Attending the social events of your child is essential. It proves that you want to keep relationship with them. Social events may include school plays, baptisms, sporting events, birthday parties etc. Court will rely on your presence, as it is the proof of love and affection for your child.

Prepare a Child Space

Small or big- whatever the space of your living area is, make sure that you are making a special place for your child. During the hearings of the child custody, the court will ask about the living accommodations. Prepare yourself accordingly to answer the queries of the judge.

The Bottom Line

Preparing yourself by implementing the tips will alleviate the pressure. In turn, it will help you to be productive in office work. However, if you need a family law attorney in Oklahoma City, OKthen you can contact The Handley Law Centerfor more information.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.