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Bury Your Spotted Past by Expunging Old Legal History

Handley LLC Aug. 25, 2021

Life is hard, and everybody makes some bad choices, especially when they are young. But if you have changed since then, there is no fairness in counting decades-old cases against who you are now. Right? So, how can you legally clear your name from the red? Today we look into this.

Who Can Help

Hiring an expungement attorney in OKC is your best bet to get started with. If you have clearly and completely served out the sentences that were given to you, paid your dues and fees, and altogether are completely past that incident in any legal sense — then the courts would allow you to wipe your slate clean.

Why You Need It

How can this help you? Well, think of this situation. What if you are a nurse who, at the very beginning of her career, has ‘misplaced’ a few medications? You were caught and summarily punished, and you have paid for it. But now, ten years later, every time you try to seek a new job, that one old record still blackens your otherwise impeccable clean image, right?

How It Works

Here’s where record expungement comes in. With the Attorney General’s opinion, the public civil access of a criminal case can be hermetically sealed forever; revoking any public access to it. Meaning, neither the courts nor any licensing bodies or investigators will get to know that these records exist. This way, your dark past will be well and truly buried.


The problem is what the word “civil” means in this context. Does it mean that administrative bodies can still access those records? Does it mean only civilians looking for records personally are blocked from it? Or does it encompass everyone but the higher government itself? This matter is still highly debated and the AG’s office is, to date, drawing a line between civil bodies and administrative bodies. Meaning, so far in the state of Oklahoma, the administrative bodies like the police are not affected by expunging your records.

Who Can Apply

There are a number of cases that can apply for the expungement of records. So far, you can apply for clearing your records if your past contains successfully served sentences for the following: Arrests, Plea bargains, Traffic tickets, Driver’s License Appeals and more. But remember no severe crimes can be wiped out like this, especially those that fall under the jurisdiction of the state medical license board.

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