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Advantages of Divorce Settlement Through Mediation

Handley LLC Dec. 16, 2019

If you and your spouse have chosen to have a divorce, mediation may be the perfect answer. You may want to propose this concept to your partner for a number of reasons, and there are many reasons to consent if they first support the idea. Here are some of the benefits of mediation to settle your divorce hiring family law attorney in Oklahoma City, OK.


The mediation system of divorce is a simple process that has been used for eons to settle disputes. The two partners must meet with a professional mediator who will help them determine how to split their assets and how to manage their liabilities. Sometimes, the mediator will help you develop a parenting plan. The mediator can also assist you in determining whether a party deserves support and the conditions for receiving it. While you and your partner can disagree if you try to talk privately about these issues, the experience and expertise of the mediator usually help things go very smoothly.

Child Protection

One of divorce mediation's most significant benefits is that it protects your kids. Since you and your spouse know your kids better than anyone else, you are in the best position to determine what's going to happen to them after the divorce is over. It also prevents the kids from testifying against one or the other parent.


Most times, one partner or the other starts balking when lawyers get involved in divorce cases and don't want to compromise on anything. Then the proceeding of the divorce drags out a long time. The mediator helps the couple reach decisions that work for everyone when a couple chooses to mediate their divorce. The mediator can often find the real issue and come up with new ways of solving problems that the couple hadn't come up with on their own.

Less Time

Most of the time, when attorneys get involved in divorce cases and don't want to negotiate on anything, one or the other party starts balking. Then the divorce process drags out a long time. The mediator helps the couple make agreements that work when a couple decides to mediate their divorce for everyone. Often the mediator will find the real issue and come up with new ways to solve issues that the couple hadn't come up with alone.

Least Expensive

Couples participating in mediation will only meet with one mediator instead of paying for different counsel for each side.

Fast Process

It may take up to a year or more to settle a disputed divorce. Both triggers for delay include setting a court date, allowing two lawyers to decide on the court date, and going through the discovery process in addition to your busy schedule. Mediation, on the other hand, takes just a few months.

Complete Control Instead of placing the decision-making in a judge's hands, through mediation, the couple makes all the decisions. The mediator facilitates discussions between the parties to assist them in reaching an agreement on each divorce issue. While court litigation leads to a win-lose situation, mediation can allow both parties to win.

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