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4 Behaviors that Can Determine Your Divorce

Handley LLC Jan. 8, 2019

Each relationship is unique. It has its own dynamic and expressions. Therefore, each case of divorce is also unique. There can be several problems that make a couple part ways. When one gets married, no one thinks the relationship will end in divorce. But circumstances force people to take such a step to end their miserable marriage.

You can consult with a family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, for anything related to divorce. But before you do, seriously consider if you are in need of a divorce or not.

A study from the University of California has created a report that talks about four behaviors of recently married couples in a 15-minutes conversation who are most likely to get a divorce. The study involved 79 couples and the prediction method proved to be true in 93%.

Here are the four behaviors.

  • Frequent arguments are bad for your relationship and it can make you annoyed, but did you know it is even worse if there are no arguments despite having problems? It is obvious that you and your partner’s viewpoints are going to be different and that can cause conflict sometimes. Here is where the argument takes place. In this situation, if you ignore the issue and skip the argument, the problem can take a turn for the worst. This behavior is called stonewalling. In this case, one tends to shut out the other person which leads to divorce.

  • Contempt is another behavior that will accelerate the breakdown of a relationship. The tendency to consider the other with contempt and as worthless, can make the person totally close off from their partner. Eventually one of the parties gives up on the relationship.

  • Criticism is a great thing for someones betterment, but it is because of human instinct that one hates it. And when the criticism comes from the person they love, it makes the feeling worse. Positive criticism is good, but it should not be in a way to find a flaw in one’s character. At this point, it accompanies contempt and makes them bitter.

  • It is better to accept your fault. If a person tends to put blame the other, despite being at fault, it can create problems for the relationship. Defensiveness is not always good and it increases the gap between you and your spouse.

If you can relate to all of these problems, it is time to talk to your family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK. The attorney can help you to make up your mind, while keeping your best interest at heart. Come to us at Handley Law Center and get the advice of experienced lawyers regarding your relationship and divorce.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.