An Overview of Postnuptial Agreements

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When you get married, you become a legal couple for the state and country. Legal procedures possess various provisions which people can utilize when they are married and also when they are separated. When separated it is called a postnuptial agreement. For better understanding of the term and the provisions of it both now and in the future, you can utilize it legally with the help of a family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, or in other states of America.

If you are legally married, you have the option to sign a postnuptial agreement. For children, liabilities, assets or properties, you need protection in case of divorce. Generally, a postnuptial agreement is not capable of dividing the marital properties of a couple as proper state guidelines are required for this. Depending the provisions and actions of the spouse, it can be divided. But, before processing any of these, your family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, has to review the paperwork to ensure its validity.

Provision for the Property

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Generally, married couples keep their individual properties together and those are marked as marital properties. As long as the property is separated from the other person, it can be obtained after a divorce. Otherwise, legal procedures are needed to separate those. Though the entire thing should abide by the rules of state law, there is a provision to keep the belongings of one individual after the marriage ends.

The Areas of Marital Properties

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No matter whether it is marital property or not, the postnuptial agreement will protect it. During the life of the marriage, both spouses will be capable of using the property but after the divorce, they may ask to divide possessions. Through the agreement, a house can be separated, the accounts can be split, and other possessions can also undergo divisions. The condition is- both of the parties have to agree on this term as the possession belonged to both of them. If the conditions are a favor, the rest can be processed according to state law.


It has to be investigated whether the married couple were dependent on each other or the possessions they have or not. They may need support for seeking better employment, raising children or being a stay-home parent. If the divorce leaves any member of the couple without support, he or she can apply for it from the other with the help of a family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK. On the other hand, it is also possible that the divorce is processed without claiming any support from each other.

If you are stuck in an awkward situation regarding your divorce or if you have more queries to become better acquainted with the processes, you can call a family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, from Handley Law Center.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.