Why Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney?

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It is needless to say that criminal allegations, charges or convictions that are unreasonably imposed on you are not easy to deal with. It can harm your reputation, can cause hefty fines and also can put you behind bars. To handle these legally misinterpreted cases, you need a person who has expertise to help. None can be more reliable in this situation than a criminal defense attorney in OKC.

Every year, thousands of people are convicted for criminal cases in which they are not directly involved. If you look at the reports, in 2013, over 99,000 people were arrested being accused under laws of weapon infractions, driving under influence, drug-related crimes, alcohol-related violation and many others.

Look at the three most significant factors which will explain the need to hire a criminal defense attorney in OKC for dealing with a wrongly alleged case.

When It Is Possible to Bring Serious Consequence

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The consequences of a criminal conviction are always unpleasant, but sometimes the situation goes beyond this. Apart from fines and incarceration, the person can also incur collateral outcomes. It may include the loss of the right to carry a firearm, cancelation of licenses and many others. Often these consequences last even after serving time and in some cases, it lingers for a lifetime. This has a deep impact on employment of that person, personal relationships and property as well.

Beware of a Wrongful Conviction

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It is a myth that if you are not guilty, it will be automatically proven innocent. If you look at the National Registry of Exoneration you will find that there are more than 1,800 people who have been convicted wrongly. There are many loopholes through which a judgment can be misled. Some factors that can be deceptive are forensic evidence that is inaccurate or manipulated, misunderstanding of an eye-witness and misconduct on the prosecution.

Therefore, the objective evidence is not enough, you will need a criminal defense attorney in OKC to fight for you and prove your innocence in respect of the particular crime.

Defense Is Difficult

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Crafting a defense is not an easy job. It needs adequate legal knowledge and skill to present the case so that the judgment can go in the right direction. Assembling the evidence and presenting it at the right time and place is what an experienced attorney does to prove your innocence. This will save you from suffering misjudgments like those unfortunate 1,800 people convicted under wrong allegations.

If you are in a sensitive situation like this where your life is at stake, consult Handley Law Firm and hire a proficient lawyer to handle the case.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.