The Impact of Divorce on Children and the Right Way to Handle It


Regardless of age, it is tough for any child to take their parents’ divorce easily. Studies say that the effect of divorce on children is often responsible for affecting their life later as well. The emotional conflicts they go through during the period of their parents’ divorce may make them depressed and develop a mental problem. This is certainly not desirable.

The custody of the children will push both parents to maintain a good relationship with the children and the family as a whole to save them from emotional suffering. A family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, can arrange meetings between children and their parents, but sometimes, that is not sufficient.

Here are some tips to help children get through their parents’ divorce and live a normal life. The tips are categorized by age group to help you support your child in the best way possible.

For Toddlers

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It is really painful for toddlers to be separated from one of their parents. The cognitive ability of children under the age of 3 is very limited, so their parents’ separation can be very confusing for them. They also need more time to cope with change in their lives. Younger children are way more self-centered than adults or even older children. This can lead to them feeling guilty for their parents’ divorce. They may suffer from acute depression, which can change their behavior.

Spend time with toddlers, paying extra attention to them to help them get over the feeling of loneliness and guilt. Be patient while dealing with your children at this point in time.

For Preschoolers

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Divorce is difficult to accept for preschoolers. At this age, children want their parents to be together, in spite of the unpleasant home environment. They blame themselves for their parents’ separation, and the feelings of fear and anger engulf their minds.

This is the age to learn and adapt. Therefore, if their parents’ divorce is portrayed as the worst thing, they will adapt to it in a way that can lead to depression. Family attorneys in Oklahoma City, OK, recommend handling this situation in a such way that the preschoolers can understand the positive impacts of divorce. Despite their young age, they will understand if it is good or bad through your projection of it.

For School-Age Children

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Abandonment is the first feeling that children of this age group will experience after the separation of their parents. They have memories of their parents living together, and for this reason, divorce can ignite fear and insecurity in their minds. They are older than the previous two groups, so they understand the scenario better. Blaming themselves can turn into blaming either of the parents, and their custody may depend on it. Aggression toward their friends and classmates is a common reaction to this.

The situation can be handled by rebuilding the children’s confidence, which they might have lost through this incident. It is better for both parents to spend quality time with the children of this age group separately and guide them through the situation. You should also help you children maintain a healthy social life. Family attorneys in Oklahoma City, OK, recommend visiting a counselor if necessary.

For Teenagers

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In this most crucial time when children are already confused by many changes in their lives, the divorce of their parents can be especially difficult. The severity of the bad situation may affect the children to the extent of harming their future relationships as adults. They understand the complexity of divorce, but as a common phenomenon of this age, they can be judgmental and blame either of their parents without fully considering the situation.

They may look like they are grown-ups and confident about the divorce, but actually, their brains are still developing. They seek your mental and emotional aid. Deal with them patiently, considering their age, and try to present a positive outlook to boost their confidence.

When you have children, life is no longer just about you anymore. Consider their age and consult with a family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, to help you through the divorce. Handley is one of the most experienced attorneys in OKC and can help you out in this sensitive and crucial situation.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.