Raise Your Voice Against Nursing Home Negligence With a Personal Injury Attorney


People seek medical help in nursing homes when they are unable to care for themselves at home. People expect to get the best service in terms of handling medical needs and emergencies well. It is unfortunate and unexpected to be victimized by nursing home negligence. Such negligence can make the condition of the patient worse, and it can also put lives at risk. The matter is sensitive, and anyone who has gone through this situation should not be silent about it. It is a question of someone’s life, and when a nursing home is responsible, they should face the consequences of being careless. A personal injury attorney in OKC can help fight the case for the victims.

Examples of Nursing Home Negligence

There are many cases that people can consider nursing home negligence. Here are some of those examples.

  • Malnutrition and dehydration: It is common for nursing home residents to lose their appetite and thirst. If the nursing home staff does not pay attention to this, the residents may start suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. This can lead to major issues for their health.

  • Cleanliness: The nursing home may provide the patients with soft and comfortable beds, but if the bedding is not changed regularly or patients are left lying in the same position for too long, painful sores can appear on the patient’s body.

  • Weird injuries: If the nursing home staff does not take proper care of the patients, they can get several cuts and bruises on their body. Generally, there is no proper explanation for these injuries, as the staff does not notice them at all.

  • Atmosphere: If the ambiance of the nursing home is not healthy and the patient does not sense a positive vibe, the patient can be depressed or afraid of staying there. This makes a bad impact on their recovery or standard of living.

  • Loss of life: Nursing home negligence can, in extreme cases, lead to a patient’s death. Negligence or inadequate care can inhibit the process of recovery, and that can result in loss of life as well.

If you notice that your loved one is suffering due to nursing home negligence, you should hire an attorney. Studies have shown that more than 3.5 million people experience serious injuries and even death during their stay in a nursing home. According to a poll, 45 percent of people are reportedly victims of negligence, and 95 percent of people have witnessed negligence. Apart from the above-mentioned points, verbal abuse by the staff is something patients also experience. This is inhumane, and the patient might experience depression as a result.



When to Call an Attorney

If you notice more than two of the signs below, this is a sign of ill-treatment and should be reported immediately.

  • Sudden injuries requiring emergency treatment

  • Overmedication

  • Patients frequently falling sick

  • Physician or family has no clue about the illness

  • Changes in behavior

  • Rapid changes in weight

  • Lack of sanitation

  • Patients are uncomfortable in front of staff

If a nursing home does not pay attention to the patients or is not responsible enough, you can see them at court. An attorney will help you get compensation. The Federal Regulations set forth the standard for care, such as with 42 CFR sec. 483.25. This act ensures that the residential environment is as free of hazards as possible, and each of the residents receives necessary supervision and assistance. If the nursing home does not meet this standard or fails to comply, as the family of a resident, you can sue them.

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** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.