Tips to Build a Strong Criminal Defense from Attorneys in OKC

Being charged with a criminal offense can put your freedom, happiness and peace of mind at stake. Whether it is a DUI, serious felony allegation or misdemeanor, these accusations have the potential to ruin your life and work. However, if you wish to keep the penalties at bay, then you must get ready to fight the charges. For this, you need to approach a competent criminal defense attorney in OKC so that he can help you get through the process smoothly. This blog post brings you five steps suggested by defense lawyers to help clients stuck in legal cases.

know your rights

Understand Your Rights

The first step you need to follow after you have been arrested or accused of criminal charges is to understand your rights. For instance, if you want to remain silent, then none of the officials can force you to give statements. This means the investigating authorities cannot breach the Fifth Amendment right that protects you against self-incrimination. In addition, you must be clear about your other rights beforehand, as this knowledge will help you during further proceedings.

Avoid Pleading Guilty

Quite often, people charged with criminal allegations accept the charges by pleading guilty without attempting suitable defense. Simply convicting someone with criminal charges doesn’t make sense, as that person may or may not be the real culprit. Law makes defense a legal right against such charges or accusations. The act of pleading guilty hinders your chances of getting free and often can put you in troubled waters.

understand your charges

Understand the Charges

To fight against the charges, you need to understand them well in the first place. It will help you get an idea about what exactly is at stake and figure out ways to escape severe penalties. As you know, felony cases have the potential for hefty fines and severe imprisonment. Thus calling your criminal defense attorney in OKC will help you better understand your legal charges and procedures.

Know What Your Options Are

Legal cases are varied, as there are opportunities for you to employ legal knowledge not just to get rid of the charges but also to pursue better solutions. This means there are always possibilities for reducing or altering charges and penalties. For instance, your criminal defense attorney can request alternative sentences like treatment in lieu of imprisonment on health grounds.

criminal defense attorney in OKC

Consult a Lawyer

Remember, your criminal defense attorney in OKC can be a friend, a guide and a savior on whom you can trust in a time of crisis. Moreover, the overall process of handling litigations can be quite complicated for a layman to understand. That is why you need to hire a good criminal defense attorney to help you through the legal process. Our excellent attorneys are experts in handling criminal cases and are available at affordable fees.

** Disclaimer: This blog article is not legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.