Is It Possible to Divorce Your Alcohol Addicted Partner?

Divorce is difficult, but the whole process is much more challenging when your partner is an addict. Addiction of your spouse might have caused you to divorce, or it could have been a new habit, as you have decided to part ways. They may be subject to drugs - legal or illegal - or alcohol. Whatever the situation, it can be painful and frustrating to divorce a spouse while dealing with dependence.

Addicts frequently show certain features and behaviors that prevent them from interacting with their friends and family.

Alcoholic Man

Effects of alcohol on marital life:

Alcoholism is a disease with signs such as lone drinking, unable to stop drinking, and a drinking compulsion. Alcoholics are inherently able to lie, excuse, blame others for drinking and still use alcohol irrespective of their consequences. Having an alcoholic life partner has some disadvantages here:

Stress - If your partner is alcoholic, there are always high sentiments of marital distress. In marriage, too much distress can eventually lead to discontent and people begin to seek ways to escape from it.

Poor Communication - It is impossible for one partner to communicate effectively when other one is under the influence of alcohol. Failure to communicate properly can lead to anger and less warmth and unity. Important issues like the finances of the family, sexual intimacy and child care decisions will remain unresolved without communication. This can lead to increased marital tension.

Lack of Responsibility - A person becomes irresponsible in nature because of a heavy drinking habit. An alcoholic person is not interested in taking part in the daily work of the household. You'll get unhappy with your marital life when you don't get the support of your spouse.

Violence at Home - People are more prone to verbal and physical violence against their spouses under the influence of alcohol. Abuse of alcohol is linked to increased attacks and marital violence, which tend to be more severe and cause injury. In any relationship, there is no place for violence.

Effects on Children - If a family includes small children, any parent's alcoholic nature can lead to psychological distress among the children. Social, emotional, behavioral, and academic issues will also increase, which may be detrimental to their future.

When Your Partner Is Alcoholic

Unfortunately, an alcoholic cannot be forced to change. Treatment is usually effective only if the person is prepared to change their life. However, if you get married to an alcoholic, there are many ways to get help.

Counseling Session - Try advice with a therapist who knows how to deal with alcohol abuse issues. Partners of alcoholics can also access several programs. These programs provide support groups and other resources for you.

Seek Treatment - Rehabilitation and recovery programs provide alcoholics with a variety of facilities and capacities to cope with their problem. These programs also help them to learn tools to avoid recurrence. You might only be divorced from the potential toxic relationship if you feel that you have taken all of the options out of your hands and your relationship with your spouse cannot be remedied.


Processing a Divorce

Evidence Collection - When you accuse someone of something, every court needs evidence. You can photograph physical violence evidence, such as contusions or broken teeth. Obtain all copies of police reports, emergency room records and other evidence indicating the alcoholic nature of your spouse.

Hire a Family Attorney - Search for a good family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, and organize a consultation on your legal options. When you seek a lawyer, who has domestic abuse handling experience, you can use help from your friends or family members. Your lawyer's experience and knowledge will help you to get divorced with minimal hassle.

Leave the House - You need to plan to leave your house safely once you've made up your mind. Take them with you if you have kids. Your new bank account details, credit cards, all important documents, cellular phones, clothing, and other personal items must go with you before you leave your house and take emergency money. Always have a safe place to go like the home of a friend or relative.

Meet an Attorney - In general, divorce proceedings require a great deal of documentation. You, therefore, need to meet your family attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, to discuss the papers, the divorce process and everything you might want to know. Work with your attorney to negotiate a settlement deal and divorce your alcoholic partner legally. A divorce petition is submitted to your local court with help from your lawyer.

Asset Listing - The division of assets is one of the important matters discussed in the courtroom. You need the value of your matrimonial assets to be identified and your share in the assets determined. Tax declarations, bank account information, mortgage documents, credit card details and title details are needed.

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